tripping over the future

Some people say everything happens for a reason.

Somewhere along the way, I've picked up the approach that when life throws a curve ball, I ask, so, what blessing can I find in this?

Like this past Saturday.

Yep. This is my left hand sporting a 'closed fracture of the distal radius' (i.e., a broken wrist), and one of two hands that I use to give shiatsu.

How did I manage that, you ask?

Kind of a funny story, actually. At least, in retrospect.


2017 word of the year emerges

n acknowledgement of the power of words and the vibrations they carry, it’s become a popular practice to choose a guiding theme word for the coming year.

An intention, an aspiration. A declaration, really.

Last year, my word was courage - which it probably could be every year, given that it takes such courage to be in human form, going forth as a mortal, armed only with a precarious balance of knowing and not knowing.

Maybe better would be the phrase, “Give me courage to (be/do/have) _______” … requesting help to embody the quality that speaks to you, be it love, compassion, beauty, grace, simplicity, clarity, in a world that tries to confuse, muddy, defile and complicate.

Otherwise, why would you even need a word?

So, the word for 2017 that emerged for me was, well…


how do you know what you know?
“People say believe half of what you see
Son, and none of what you hear…”
~ Marvin Gaye (or Edgar Allen Poe, or Ben Franklin, depending on who you ask)

I recently posted this question on Facebook, regarding a thought I had been chewing on for a while:

"In the interest of the balance between staying informed and staying sane, consider this spectrum: on the one end is turning off all input- 'news', social media, conversations. On the other is opening yourself to every source of information available. Which is, of course, not humanly possible (yet)...