"Life transformation" may seem a little dramatic.

But when your 'ki' (life force) starts to move again in your body, amazing things can happen.

This idea of life force may seem woo-woo, but think about it in terms of 'flow' - flow of blood bringing oxygen to your cells; flow of lymph moving toxins out of your cells; flow of information via the nervous and proprioceptive systems; and flow of bioelectricity.

We experience this ebb and flow of ki all the time - moving around after sitting for a while, when we're excited or feeling low, when the weather patterns change. 

The most exciting premise underlying the Asian medical philosophy is that we can have a direct and conscious effect on this flow - what we might also understand as our bodies' innate healing capabilities. 

When we know what our bodies need, we can partner with their brilliant design, providing the optimal conditions for them to restore balance from within. 


restorative bodywork (shiatsu...)

Bodywork sessions are rooted in shiatsu (shee - ah' - tsoo), an eastern-based modality, informed by western science and biomechanics.

(More about shiatsu here.)

Sessions can be given on a mat on the floor, or a massage table with the receiver clothed loosely.

If you're like many of my clients, you're coming for bodywork to seek relief from feeling tight, tense, achy, anxious, out-of-sorts, stressed, uncentered, ungrounded or some other undesirable quality.

Because the integration of eastern and western approaches to the body allows me to see not just the parts, but the relationships between them, I can make suggestions where I believe those relationships are out of balance, and why they're causing you discomfort.

Because a lot of us are also dealing with postural issues created by an increasingly sedentary lifestyle (and by sedentary, this doesn't just mean, 'sitting around'… it refers to the ratio of time spent not moving to moving, as well as how many of your parts are not moving relative to each other), I also integrate such techniques as below to encourage the body back into alignment, as well as offer exercises to help undo the compensatory patterns our bodies have molded themselves into.

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restorative movement

Humans do not live by bodywork alone. :)

We are in the shape we're in, literally, because of how our environment and how we've been using our bodies has shaped us. When we hear 'movement', we tend to think 'exercise', as in, something we do separate from the rest of life, because we understand that our bodies do need to move.

The thing is, we need to move in a lot more varied ways than this modern world requires. Even 'active' people - while moving their bodies relative to the ground - are not necessarily moving a lot of their parts relative to each other.

And this is where the aches, pains, and injuries come in.

Restorative Movement is an integration of bodywork, qigong and movement 'coaching' - a means of seeing where you are in relation to where you want to be, and helping you see and feel where you're stuck. The biggest challenge - whether we're 'active or 'sedentary' - is knowing what parts of ourselves are no longer participating, because they're not usually the ones that hurt. Our body/mind develops habits and patterns below our awareness to move us around the painful and stuck places (because it's so beautifully efficient!), so we can go about living life.

And then one day, we realize we can't do that one thing we used to do anymore, and then another; or, we tear something, or the back just 'suddenly goes out.'

It's not the age of the body - it's the age of the habits.

The belief that you're just getting old may be more than untrue - it's paralyzing and discouraging to think that it's all downhill from here, that you have no options. It may also feel discouraging to think that you have to add more 'exercise' to an already hectic life.

Yes, to be able to move more, you have to, well, move more. But the good news is, your day-to-day life can offer you many more opportunities than you realize.

Restorative Movement group classes and workshops - offered on an ongoing basis - are an affordable way to get better acquainted with your body (see the calendar here). The RM one-on-one coaching sessions not only include bodywork (for me to get a better hands-on sense of your patterns), but also personalized sessions based on your goals, the freedom to follow whatever priorities may come up, discussion around what your life looks like, and how you can realistically 'stack' your activities to move more while you do what you're already doing.

The Intro Session (1.5 to 2 hours) includes getting an overview of your movement life and history, your goals, etc; an assessment of a few basic planes of motion; bodywork, and then discussing a plan of action. It's possible that this one session could be enough to get you up and running (or whatever activity you want to do!)

RM Packages: For a longer period of regular support and accountability, you can return for a single session as needed, or commit to a discounted package of 3 or 5 sessions (1 hour). This will allow for 'third party' eyes to see how you're doing, as well as using your feedback to see what may need to be worked on or how to proceed.

RM to Go (30-45 min): Don't have the resources for classes or private sessions? Based on this form (coming shortly!) I will create a print-out of a routine for you. We can schedule a session at my office, or via Skype, and I will introduce the movements to you, as well as make sure you understand them, body and mind.

Perhaps you have some familiarity with the work already (ie, have read or watched any of Katy Bowman's books or classes, or have been to one of mine) and have questions or want some hands-on feedback. This can work for you as well!


Posturing for Health - 401A Gordon Drive, Exton PA 19341 


Hours by appointment:

Tues, Fri: 9am - 7:30pm

Wed: 4:30pm - 7:30pm

Sat: 9am - 2pm

Bodywork rates:

30 min: $40

60 min: $75

90 min: $105

Additional services are listed below.

Packages available.

Movement rates: (Coming soon!)

1-on-1 sessions:

~ Intro (1.5-2 hrs):

~ Single (as needed):

~ 3 pack:

~ 5 pack:

RM to Go: (available now) $30

Additional Services.

Each of these 'extras' can be a stand-alone session (30 minutes) or added in along with a shiatsu bodywork session. (For example, schedule a 60 minute bodywork session, and 30 minutes of that can be a facial.) Simply let me know what you want to include in the 'memo' when you book online, or email or call. Have questions? Let me know!


Shiatsu facial. A lovely massage just for the face, head, neck and shoulders. A traditional beauty treatment that uses no products; just gentle pressure that facilitates circulation, toning, and more.

Read more here.

Ginger compress. An application of hot ginger-water applied with towels to areas of stiffness on the body. Traditionally, this is used on the lower back in order to stimulate 'sluggish' kidney function, and is said to restore vitality.

Read more here.

Shiatsu foot massage. A treat just for the feet. Beginning with a warming ginger water soak and ending with an application of coconut oil (both optional), this treatment works the muscles and shiatsu points all round the feet, toes, ankles and lower calves.

Read more here.

Everything you could want in a massage.

I’ve had the pleasure of being one of Gina’s clients for several years now — and every time we have a session, it turns out to be different in response to what I’ve told her beforehand, and what she discovers as she’s working on me. She finds things that I would have asked for if I knew I needed them!
— R. Lyons, West Chester, PA
I should have come here sooner.

I like to envision a future where everyone gets the benefit of THIS aspect of health care covered by their insurance. For Free. In the meantime...Do yourself a big favor. Your Whole Self: Body, Mind, Spirit. Schedule an appt. with Gina. Do I sound like an ad? Sorry! I am just feeling so great today. The body will heal itself if you just give it a chance.
— Susan C., Philadelphia, PA
My favorite practitioner!

As always...going to see Gina is one of the best hours I can spend. the knowledge and insight she gives is so valuable. She is a warm kind hearted person who really believes in want she is doing and does it extremely well. My recent visit focused somewhat on sinus/ respiratory issues due to persistent allergic reaction. I felt so much better as a result. Thank you Gina!!!
— Liz N., West Chester, PA