How long has it been since you've felt freedom in your body?

Pleasure? Playfulness? Joy? Grace?

How long has it been since you've felt the freedom to say 'yes!' to life, without worrying about your physical limitations?

You have things you want and need to do: Keep up with the kids (or grandkids). Take care of the garden. Practice yoga. Walk barefoot on the beach. Bike twenty miles. Or, just get through a normal day without aches, pains and injuries.

Instead of concluding that your lack of energy, resiliency, strength and flexibility is because 'you're just getting old', consider instead that the modern environment we all live in has been shaping your body in a way that doesn't allow it to move freely, or utilize the ranges of motion your were born with.

Research is telling us that each generation is less active as a whole than the previous one. It's not that we're getting lazier, but with more technology and effort-saving conveniences, our lifestyles require us to move less. And the less we move, the less we are able to move when we want to.

One way we try to make up for this lack of movement is intense, intermittent and often unforgiving bouts of exercise (or, beat ourselves up for not getting around to doing that). But like with 'enriched bread' or taking supplements to offset a poor diet, this rarely yields the results we truly desire. Or, is what your body actually needs.

These classes are not (necessarily) a replacement for other forms of exercise. Or, meant to be the total of your movement diet. They are a means to help you move better through all of your life - to help you bring more of your self to everything you do.

Group Classes

=> Note: Class sizes are currently small. Other than the Movement Labs, the classes are offered in 'sessions' (rather than as 'walk-in's') to allow for continuity and consistency. You can reserve your spot online, and if the class is filled, you will be put on a waiting list, and notified if a spot opens up. You may also cancel online up until the day before the class or session. At this time, you are not required to pay in advance (though you'll have the option to do so through Paypal) - payments in cash, check or credit card can be accepted when you arrive. (This is a new system for me, so if you have issues or questions, please contact me. :)

When you reserve your spot, you will receive some paperwork in PDF form: Tips on how to prepare, what to expect, and a waiver agreeing that you are in good enough physical condition for exercise. Please read and if possible, print and sign. (I will have copies handy, as well...)

located at: posturing for health | 401a gordon drive exton pennsylvania | 19341 | 610.304.5120

Introduction to Movement for Stress Relief

Whether it's tension from 'poor posture' or repetitive use, or tension from emotional stress, the results are the same - restricted movement, restricted blood and oxygen flow, and discomfort.

Moving the body in gentle and specific ways is the one of the simplest and most natural ways to relieve tension, encourage joint mobilization and innervate muscles that are not often used. This class draws mainly on the healing techniques of qigong, an ancient Chinese form of exercise that combines movement, breathing, and mindfulness.

The beauty of this form of movement is that it is appropriate for more sedentary people, the elderly, those with chronic pain or stiffness, post-trauma or surgery.

It also provides a wonderful balance to the more active population as a means of keeping the body limber, the joints open, the tissues nourished, and the mind clear.

Appropriate for all ages and most levels of physical activity.

Class size is limited. 8 Week Session - $120

Noon session: Tuesdays 12:30pm-1:30 pm beginning April 18, 2017

Evening session: Tuesdays 6:30pm - 7:30pm beginning April 11, 2017

Introduction to Restorative Movement

It's not just about what movements we're doing, but how we're doing them.

This class will introduce you to 18 basic 'corrective' exercises, targeting the most common areas of the body affected by an environment that doesn't encourage varied movement (i.e. chairs, cars, desks, computers, flat surfaces, shoes, etc).

These are exercises not just for their own sake, but to help you see what you're bringing (or not bringing) to all of your movements: working out, walking, bending, carrying, even just standing.

Having more of your body parts participating with all of your activities means overall balance, better posture, mobility, ease, flow of blood and lymph, and even increased metabolic rate.

And this is just an introduction. :)

Class size limited. 6 Week Session - $100

Next Session: To be determined

Happy & Healthy Feet Workshop

Healthy alignment begins at the ground floor: your feet.

This four week session will take you through how your feet function, what to look for in healthy footwear, and give you a set of simple exercises to increase your foot mobility. Even if you don't have 'foot issues', but may have have knee, hip, back, or even neck, balance and stability issues - the feet are the best place to begin.

Class size is limited.

4 Week Session - $100 (includes my 'Healthy Foot Kit': half-dome, yoga strap, alignment sox, and 'pinkie ball' in an 'embodygrace' canvas tote bag - )

Date: To be determined

Movement Labs

Need some time to just focus on a particular issue or body part here and there?

Movement Labs are one hour, part micro-class/part individual session in which we will concentrate on one 'theme': Posture, Gait, Shoulders, Hips, Balance, etc. Attend as many or as few as you like.

Labs will offered at random times throughout the month. The link below will show you what's currently on the calendar.

Class size is limited, so reserve your spot.

$25 each/ Pre-paid package of eight - $160

Individual Movement Sessions

Restorative Movement 2 Go

Looking for a routine you can do on your own? Let me tailor one for you!

If you're wanting something to kick off your day, chill you out after work, relieve desk/computer-related tension, work on balance, or just an overall body tune-up, fill out the form below, and I'll put together a set for you, drawing from qigong, Restorative Exercise, self-massage techniques and more. We'll schedule a 60-75 minute session together, where I'll teach you the routine, and answer any questions you may have. You'll receive a printed hand-out (and possibly a video demonstration.)

$75 (no payment necessary until you come in for the teaching session)

Read more and fill out the request form here:

One-to-One Restorative Movement

Want to go deeper? If you have a movement-related health goal you could use support with, or you prefer the concentrated focus of a personal session over a class setting, this option is for you.

We begin with an assessment (written or phone) of where you are now, what your goals are, what has and hasn't worked for you in the past, and what your current lifestyle will realistically allow, as far as a movement practice.

We can then set up an introductory session (allow 60-90 minutes) which will include some functional assessments, possibly some bodywork, and one or two corrective exercises you can begin with right away. We'll create a plan to help you toward your goal(s) that will integrate into your life as it is.

From there, you'll have the option to continue with a three- or five-session package (60 minutes each) - for further exercises, bodywork, changes to the plan if needed, and any other support you would like.

Coming soon!