How long has it been since you've felt the freedom to say 'yes!' to life, without worrying about your physical limitations?

You have things you want and need to do:


Keep up with the kids (or grandkids). Take care of the garden. Practice yoga. Walk barefoot on the beach. Bike twenty miles. Or, just get through a normal day without aches, pains and injuries.

Instead of concluding that your lack of energy, resiliency, strength and flexibility is because 'you're just getting old', consider instead that the modern environment we all live in has been shaping your body in a way that doesn't allow it to move freely, or utilize the ranges of motion your were born with.

And as we all know, if you don't use it, you lose it!

Research is telling us that each generation is less active as a whole than the previous one.

It's not that we're getting lazier, but with more technology and effort-saving conveniences, our lifestyles require us to move less. And the less we move, the less we are able to move when we do want to.

One way we try to make up for this lack of movement is intense, intermittent and often unforgiving bouts of exercise (or, beat ourselves up for not getting around to doing that). But like with 'enriched bread' or taking supplements to offset a poor diet, this rarely yields the results we truly desire.

Or, is what your body actually needs.

These classes are not (necessarily) a replacement for other forms of exercise.

Or, meant to be the total of your movement diet. In fact, they are really about helping you move more when you're NOT exercising.  They are a means to help you move better through all of your life - to help you bring more of your self to everything you do.

Restorative Qigong

Can you imagine a day where you were able to:

Perform simple tasks like bending, turning your head, walking barefoot without pain or discomfort ~ respond to conflict as the calm, cool, grounded person you dream of being ~ know how to move and massage your own body to get the kinks out ~ possess the clarity to notice and avail yourself of nourishing opportunities ~ end the day with enough energy to do more than collapse on the couch ~ enjoy a restful night's sleep?

Whether your tension is from 'poor posture', intense exercise, repetitive use, or emotional stress, the results are the same - restricted movement, restricted blood and oxygen flow, and discomfort.

Moving your body in gentle and specific ways is the one of the simplest and most natural ways to relieve tension, encourage joint mobilization and innervate muscles that are not often used. This class integrates the mindful, flowing movements of qigong with the precision of biomechanically-based Restorative Exercise.

Not only is this class appropriate for more sedentary people, seniors, those with chronic pain or stiffness, post-trauma or surgery, but will help those who work out and work hard regain flexibility, joint mobility and nourish the tissues.

Restorative Qigong classes are $15 - or $48 for a package of 4.

Tuesdays: 6:30pm-7:15pm

Fridays: 11:00am - 11:45am

Class sizes are limited, so please reserve your space.



Restorative Movement Labs

Movement opportunities in small, like really small, groups.

While we tend to measure the worth of our fitness routines in terms of steps, heart rate or caloric burn, it may be more valuable for the long haul to think in terms of functionality.

Q: What could you do 10-15 years ago that you have trouble doing today? And, what you can do now and would like to keep doing 10,15, 20 years from now?

The brilliant design of our bodies includes economy - what we use is strengthened, what we don’t isn’t as much. Simple. But it means that we are adapting to the shape of our environment in the form of a few repetitively overused parts, (including many workouts!) and a great many more weakened and underused parts.

We are also shaped by our interior - what we ingest in the form of food, toxins, information; what we can and cannot process; how we feel about the world and our place in it. Even how we breathe.

Our bodies adapt to what they are doing the most - over 24 hours, 7 days, 12 months… a lifetime.

We develop habits of response, habits of strategy, until we become too locked down to fully express ourselves and engage joyfully with life.

Movement Labs are small groups (1-4 participants) that focus on mobilizing one area of the body or movement skill set.

These labs will not only equip you with ‘corrective exercises’ for feet, knees, hips, core, shoulders, neck, hands, etc, but ‘train’ you in how to see for yourself how you move (or sit or stand) at any time, so that you can move better!

The ‘foundational’ level labs are for those new to the R.E. work, as we reinforce your grasp of basic alignment points which will underpin all of the labs.

The ‘proficient’ level labs are for those more familiar with the alignment points, and how to observe themselves in the mirror. They will generally incorporate a number of joint mobilizations and whole body movements.

All abilities are welcome, as learning how to make modifications are part of the class - however, each lab will include an overview on the scheduling page with what you can expect.

All labs are 60 minutes for $20 (purchase a package of 4 for $65 online or when you attend.)

Times, dates and topics vary, and will be repeated throughout the month. Labs are a maximum of three to four participants - please reserve your spot in advance, by clicking on the calendar below, or contacting me directly.