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Happy & Healthy Feet Workshop


Next session - dates to be announced.

Class size limited to five.

Whether you have foot 'issues', or want to begin redefining your whole body alignment from the ground up, this workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of Restorative Exercise™ and give you a few simple tools to care for those precious body parts that have to carry you for the rest of your life.


Healthy Feet Kit includes:

  • "Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief" by Katy Bowman
  • 12" foam half cylinder
  • Toe alignment sox
  • Yoga strap
  • Pinkie ball
  • Handy 'embodygrace' zippered canvas bag

     Cost: $50, when purchased with the class (reg. $57)  

This workshop includes:

  • Why healthy and mobile feet matter (and what defines mobility)
  • Shoes: If ya gotta wear 'em, what four things they should have
  • Support: is it a good thing?
  • What stretching is really supposed to be doing
  • Five exercises you can't do too much
  • Hand-outs
  • One follow-up call or Skype session for questions

Cost: $60 ($50 if you purchase with the Healthy Feet Kit and/or Shiatsu Foot Massage session)

Shiatsu Foot Massage (30 minutes) - Your feet contain 25% of your body's bones and muscles. Between shoes and flat walking surfaces, that's a lot of movement your joints are not getting. Along with the exercises, foot massage is a great way to start working the stiffness out, increasing circulation of blood and lymph, and, for many, it just feels good. This treatment (done shiatsu-style, with no oil) will begin with an energizing ginger-water scrub, and then, if desired, ending with a light coconut oil finish (or bring your favorite!)

Cost: $35, when purchased with the class (reg. $40.) You'll receive a coupon that you can use when you're ready to schedule.

Questions? Check out the FAQ's first. Otherwise, contact me.

The Happy & Healthy Feet Class proved very valuable to my feet, knees & hips. For the first time in decades, I can now walk barefoot without pain. My knees and hips no longer hurt, too. So happy I attended this class.
— Judy S.

ongoing classes

Part biomechanics, part qigong, these weekly classes are a means of restoring your strength, balance, joint mobility and energy in a gentle but powerful way.

They incorporate breathing, stretching, mindful movements to help facilitate blood and lymph flow, body awareness and alignment.

Whether you are looking to balance an active lifestyle, or gently increase your movement; whether you are a cross-fitter or a recipient of joint replacements; whether you are new to this kind of movement, or would like a weekly review of what you've already learned, you are welcome here!

Class sizes are small and no experience is necessary. So, leave your self-consciousness at the door and come move your body!

Movement package

All classes are $15 (discount packages available and can be used for any class). Space is limited so RSVP's are requested.

the thursday morning class

Thursdays (beginning Jan 26th, 2017) 8:00 - 9:00am

This class will focus mainly on loosening up the stiffness of the morning, and getting you ready to face the day ahead with vitality.

the tuesday evening class

Tuesdays (beginning Jan 17, 2017) 6:30 - 7:30pm

This class will focus mainly on decompressing from the tensions and activities of the day, allowing for a restful evening.


the saturday morning class

Saturdays (beginning Jan 28th, 2017) 9:00 - 10:00am

This class will be 'themed', by body part, season, etc.


The friday late morning class

Fridays: 11:00am - 12:00pm

This class is currently closed to new participants.