Carnival of Healing #159 - As I Live and Breathe

I am delighted to be hosting the Carnival of Healing once again!

Devising a theme for the carnival is not a requirement -- it's just something I like to do as a means of introduction and personalization. Reading through the submissions addressing various aspects of the human drama, as well as feeling a little under the weather myself as I write this, I was reminded of just how difficult it can be at times to walk this earth in a fragile physical body.

Being alive and human is far from easy. For many people, happiness and vitality are an elusive state. And for many more, just getting out of bed and facing the day is a monumental struggle.

I present this week's Carnival in the spirit of compassion toward my fellow humans, in all of our shared struggles, and with gratitude for the people who've based their life's path on an intention to ease the suffering they encounter along the way. 


I have noticed in all two of my times hosting this carnival, that the majority of blogs coming through deal with weight loss issues of some kind... how to eat well, how to exercise, how to overcome food addictions. There's no doubt that caring for our bodies on this very basic level has become complicated. And it's not always a simple matter of applying the "eat less-exercise more" prescription, or equating a skinny body with health and vitality.

We'll kick off with a handful of posts about weight management.

First up is US Pharm D with 100 Top Weight Loss Blog -- a treasure trove of blogs for support...

Are your eating habits based on an emotional component? Here are 7 signs to look for if you think you are a binge eater from Stop Binge Eating.

Another post addressing the numbing/addictive nature of eating is "Food Addiction: Are You Overeating to Self-Medicate?" from Lose Weight Now, Stay Slim Forever.

The Woman Tribune offers a simple piece entitled, "What You Can Do Daily to Stay Fit". Sometimes it's just a matter of making the most of what's in front of you.

A few posts containing a sampling of medical issues:

*HIV Management advice

* Natural home remedies for bacterial vaginosis from the Bacterial Vaginosis Center

* Some advice if you find yourself a candidate to receive epidural injections for sciatic pain from The Back Pain Blog

* A few words about abdominal hernia symptoms and treatment from

* gives some ideas for natural anti-wrinkle solutions

And Grace R. Young, from Disabled 2 Abled offers sound advice for saving energy through the seemingly simple practice of breathing in "Breath Control".


Exercise for the body is essential for overall well-being, and this is no less true for the mind. As states in their post, "Wellness Coaching for Brain Health and Fitness": ..."most people will be able to recite multiple benefits of moderate cardiovascular exercise. But how many know  that it can also contribute to neurogenesis -the creation of new neurons - in adult brains?"

Another way to keep the noggin in top shape, as well as to stay open and flexible, is to develop new skills, as illustrated here in Life Optimizer's "7 Tips for Developing Essential Skills".

Combining the last two topics, here is "Is Your Brain Keeping You from Losing Weight?" from Weight Loss Journal. 

Sometimes it's not even the things we're actually experiencing that plague us, so much as our fears and anxieties about what we worry might come to pass. Chris Edgar of Purpose Power Coaching addresses this topic in "Bringing Choice to Your Anxiety Scenarios".

And on that note, Toni Platon-Tui of Happy Nest suggests a way to transform the negative energy of regret into a more positive intention for the future by shifting the focus of "what if" statements, in her post.

The Magenpie shares her thoughts about how to more effectively ease into a meditative state in "Why Is it Sometimes Hard to Stay Still and Meditate?"


There's no doubt that there are times the burdens of living can be almost unbearable. As Buddhism would tell us, suffering is part of the human condition. Here are two posts addressing depression.

By Lovelyn of "The Art of Balanced Living'...  her heartfelt post , "Six Ways to Combat Depression". 

And from, a personal story of his own depression that took him to the brink (and back) of ending his own life in this post, Suicidal Depression.

Kathleen Gage of Daily Awareness issues a compelling challenge to refrain from complaining for 24 hours. How might that change our energy, our experience of what's going on externally?

The Bridgemaker writes a timely post entitled "The Price of Fueling Our Lives: 15 Abundantly Free Ideas". With rising energy costs, not only is it financially wise to to choose low-cost activities, but ultimately more fulfilling to the soul as well.

From Curtis G. Schmitt, mentioned in my Wednesday post, a lovely piece entitled "We Fall Down", and a touching example of the gifts we give to each other when we help one another up.

Sometimes it is contact with remarkable people that inspires and uplifts us.

Dawn Abraham writes about her experiences studying with holistic healing icon, Deepak Chopra, in this post.

And Daylle Deanna Schwartz shares a very special interview with Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, also known as Swamiji, about his practice of Yoga in Daily Life.

And, honestly, I was not sure how to categorize this last post.

It slipped into my inbox at the very last minute, and I can't help but think that it was asking to be included. From I Will Not Die, I leave you with "Love". (Sadly, in the four years since this post appeared, the aformentioned site is no longer live. My apologies.)


Hope you enjoyed this week's Carnival. To revisit last week's, stop by The And next week, October 18th,  the Carnival will be hosted by Cari Campbell at Your Joyous Life.

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