Matrix Energetics


This book blew my mind.

Described on the jacket as 'paradigm-busting' (which is a sure way to get me to read anything!) Matrix Energetics is Dr. Richard Bartlett's account of his 'insight' into the basis of all reality as comprised of only information and light. How this impacted his abilities as a chiropractor and naturopath is nothing short of miraculous.

Bartlett writes with simplicity and humor about his experiences working with client issues, based not on observing and addressing their 'problem set' but by envisioning a different reality for them altogether... one in which they are already whole and perfect, and allowing for the information that is their clients' physical bodies to reorganize itself accordingly.

Yes, you will encounter some of the basic principles of the law of attraction here... intention-setting, quantum physics, mindset-shifting... but used in a form to bring about healing, or as he calls it, transformation. Bartlett has tapped into something that is both cutting edge and ancient.. a capacity for profound healing that we humans are all endowed with, and he has created an easily-reproducible process by which we can reclaim and use this technique ourselves.

Bartlett's language is so straightforward and accessible, even when discussing such esoteric topics, that I think it's well worth a read even by skeptics. At 183 pages, one could read it in a day or two. Approached with an open mind, the implied potential for this kind of approach to healing, or to anything in life, might well knock your socks off too.