Monday Meditation - The Endless Now

A word about the videos I choose for Monday Meditations.

As is true with most categories in the YouTube world, there's a lot of weird stuff out there.

Someday I aspire to recording my own meditations, but until then, every week, I sift through the selections of the beautiful, the boring, the scary, the ones narrated by that guy who did the voice-overs for 1950's sex ed films.

Many are serene nature scenes accompanied by 'ambient' music (which drives my husband bonkers). These are lovely, though it's a challenge to provide a relaxing experience, best elicited by closing one's eyes, without missing out on the scenery. The 'scenery' videos, however, do fulfill my intention to provide a short recharge break in one's day.. a brief change of rhythm which has the potential to diffuse stress and provide momentary relief from overwhelm.

Sometimes, I also like to throw in a 'guided meditation'... these videos contain spoken words intended to bring the listener to a particular state of mind, or achieve a certain goal. I prefer these for myself, though, it is often difficult to find a voice that's easy on the ears. A matter of personal preference, I suppose. 

Today's meditation is of the narrated variety, entitled "The Endless Now".

From the description: "Are you still thinking about something you did yesterday or worrying about what will happen tomorrow? This meditation will help you stay focused in the glories moment of the present."