Energetics of Voting

If we are, in reality, spiritual beings, and we can manifest worlds with our thoughts, is voting really necessary?

Viewed through the paradigm that our physical actions are the only means of affecting our physical world and experience, we are prone to put tremendous weight on the act of casting a vote for a person whom we hope will create the external conditions by which we can be happier people. Or, by the same token, we may believe our individual vote to be only one small, insignificant voice in a sea of millions, lost in the political machinery that is quite possibly rigged beyond our control anyway.

But, now, let's take a moment to view our actions in the physical world as the end result and expression of a long chain of feelings, thoughts, beliefs, desires, hopes and dreams.

We cast our votes for what we want to manifest long before we actually ever "do" anything. The gears of creation are put into motion long before we take action. Like an arrow released from the bow, the trajectory and proximity to the target are determined by our focus and intention, our stance, our expectation, our strength, and our dedication to honing these qualities. Letting the arrow fly is really only the last, and perhaps easiest step of the process

The voting process is wonderful metaphor for how consciously or not we live our lives, and how in touch we are with the process of deliberate creation.

Whether we live our lives (often tellingly and nobly described as 'fighting' or 'struggling') trying to directly affect the world so we can feel more at ease, or whether we believe that we are powerless to change anything in order to have more positive life experiences, reflects how much stock we place in our physical actions to the exclusion of aligning our inner energies behind them.

Or, perhaps we believe that the only true power we have over our own happiness and well-being lies within us, and that our physical actions only follow and reflect that belief, and when offered with intention and consciousness, have far greater-reaching results than anything we could have imagined.

We are physical beings. We live in a physical world. The actions we take do have meaning and effect and carry our intent out into that world. However, I also believe we have the capacity, and dare I say responsibility, to live in our joy regardless of the election results... to be vigilant in not giving that power away to anyone.. whether our candidate of choice wins or not.

So, to vote or not to vote?

There are endless ways to find connection to and expression of your joy. I suggest that voting can be one too, especially if it can done with a eye on the larger context within which this small action exists... to offer this action in a spirit of positivity, affirmation, and appreciation. Stay keenly tuned to the qualities of life you are really asking for with this act. Find moments of appreciation even in the act itself... being involved in the process, getting out amongst members of your community, having the day off... whatever it may be.  And recognize that there really is no right or wrong, that all choices and paths are valid, and there is no need to exclude any of it in order for you to remain connected to your Source.

And above all, as someone wise I know often says, "Have fun with it!"

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