Monday Meditation - Let's Go To the Beach

It is a chilly and gray morning here in Pennsylvania, but my husband arose early to make a day-trip to the shore, as apparently the waves are ideal today for surfing.

God bless his passion. Me, I'm happy to lounge in bed for a little while longer, and visualize being on the beach under much more ideal conditions. The only thing missing from this meditation is someone bringing me a beverage adorned with a little umbrella.

Do you have a place you can go in your mind, that allows you to feel at peace and relaxed when you need that? A place you can imagine being that will allow your breathing to slow and deepen, and your shoulders to relax, and maybe even a smile come to your face?

There's a part of your mind that doesn't know the difference between what's going 'in here' and what's going on 'out there'. Your thoughts and the emotions that follow can create an instant physical reaction. We notice this when bringing thoughts in about situations that cause us worry and anxiety. Let's try choosing instead thoughts of situations that bring us joy, or at least some peace. Start now.