Be Your Own Hero

It is true, this website is about shiatsu and health and well-being ... not about politics.

And yet, I feel compelled to reiterate a common theme emerging both in my shiatsu practice and in the promise of the new administration, and in many other places, really... that of empowerment.

There has been a lot of speculation and criticism, concern and worry about President-elect Obama's lack of experience, and his proposed plans for dealing with the challenges before him. I suppose how that manifests remains to be seen.

But the most undeniably striking and immediate effect of his election is the shift in perception of ourselves, as citizens and as people who can actually make a difference. The particulars of policy matter, sure, but not as much as the story we are re-creating about our experience. In one evening, an entire, previously disenfranchised segment of our citizenship has been included into the fold, and can now finally take on a true sense of ownership in the country they have lived and died in for centuries. They are now free to create a new story, and this is no small matter.

Obama, though, while a beacon of hope, (excuse the cliche') has made it clear on several accounts, that he is not here to wave his hand and make our issues disappear. Healing is a choice, and one that demands active participation, and he offers no illusions that it will be easy or accomplished with our complacency and passivity. I believe it takes a lot of courage to tell someone who is hurting and beaten down that the key to their salvation lies within their ability to face their fears and challenges, and keep on going... all the while assuring them, however, that he's got their back.

Idealistic? Sure. But again, it has little to do with what Obama can accomplish and so much more about how he inspires us to reach far beyond our perceived limitations of what we can accomplish.

And this is always what it's been about. I think we just needed to be reminded.

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