Rockin' & Rollin'

There's a simple technique I sometimes use in my sessions. Simple, yet profoundly effective, as I was reminded yesterday when it was used on me for the first time in a while.

It involves the practitioner, while kneeling or standing next to the receiver who is lying face-down, rocking the receiver's body. The practitioner uses the heels of the hands in contact with the band of muscle that lies along either side of the spine, and works up and down... both hands following one another, or one hand stationary and the other moving down. It is important that it is not so much a pushing effort coming just from the arms and shoulders, but emanating from the giver's hara, or center of gravity, through the arms so as to create a sense of both bodies moving together.

For the practitioner, this preliminary technique has the effect of loosening up the receiver's body in preparation for more specific and deep work, as well as to give an indication of where the receiver's body is tight and being held.

And often, upon finding tight areas, particularly along that band of muscle, the giver will switch to using fingertips and deeper pressure in those areas, all the while still applying the rocking motion.

For the receiver, one finds it hard not to relax when one's body or body parts are being rocked and rolled. It also becomes immediately perceptible to the receiver if they are holding tension in certain areas and finding difficulty in letting go to this motion.
This could mean several things... it could be just a habitually-held muscle group, or a protected area because of past or present injury or soreness, or even a vague sense of insecurity and unwillingness to give over control to the motion.  In any of these or other cases, this process can give immediate feedback to the receiver about what's going on in their own bodies.
Almost always, there is a spontaneous impulse to take a deep inbreath as the motion finally comes to a stop.

My experience also, as I was reminded yesterday, was the sense of having all of the surface tension relaxed, and replaced with a feeling of outer expansion.. kind of like my shell was now a size bigger, and I could take a deeper breath and have a little more room on the inside to move. After the motion stopped, also, I felt a tingling sensation move down through my legs to my feet, as if the stuck energy in my back and shoulders was now jiggled loose and allowed to be redistributed throughout my body more evenly.

In a crunch for time, just this rockin' and rollin' could be enough to create a sense of relaxation.

It's pretty cool.