The Presence Process

First rule of The Presence Process: "Don't talk about The Presence Process."


Kind of a little joke there, referring to author Michael Brown's recommendation away from trying to describe The Presence Process: A Healing Journey Into Present Moment Awareness to others, and instead encouraging them to read the book for themselves.

And I understand why. The very nature of the Process is about healing the emotional body... the wounds of which had been inflicted in almost all of us before our mental capacities could logically interpret, or rather misinterpret what we were to experience as a result thereafter.

So, the book, while written in words that the intellectual mind can take in and understand, is actually intentionally speaking on a deeper, more primal level to our subconscious. Attempts to describe it second-hand without the benefit of his specific intention loses much in the translation. (In this way, it reminds me of the experience of reading "A Course in Miracles".)

And yet, here I am, trying to describe it to you. I have not yet started the Process.. having only just gotten through the introduction, which is nearly the first third of the book. But I am intrigued.

Brown asserts, like much of the deliberate creation mindset states, that our reality is really based on how we interpret our experiences. The conventional and seemingly logical way of dealing with a less than satisfactory life experience is to change the physical world.. that which we are observing, and therefore assuming to be what is 'wrong' and causing us pain.

However, as many of us have found, this can be futile. So, the next rational step it seems would be to change the way we think about what we're observing... using our mental processes to envision a different reality, or to shift our attitudes about our experiences.. thinking positively, if you will.

But what Michael Brown wants his readers to know is that these approaches will never get you to the heart of the 'cause'... being our earliest unintegrated emotional traumas which we spend the rest of our lives 'reacting' to in an attempt to relieve these wounds.

He says that of all of our experiences as adults, nothing is really new.. it is all the same stuff being played out repetitively, and will remain thus until we learn how to neutralize those early traumas and begin living completely in the present moment.

This is not a new idea. But I liken his approach, or what I can tell of it so far, as an emotional cleansing fast, but a gentle one. Brown takes the willing and dedicated reader on a ten-week journey using breathing, 'Presence Activating Statements', and further reading in order to release us from the unconscious reactive cycle so that we may begin to live in a responsive, authentic and truly joyful state.

I hope to be able to report back in the spring with my own experiences going through The Presence Process. I am at once, anxious and excited, and in awe that this seems to be, once again, exactly the information I needed in my hands at this time.

"Trust the Process"...