Monday Meditation - Resolution with Intention


If it is your tradition to make a resolution for the New Year, I invite you to participate in a little exercise.

Whether you have one item on your list, or several, write them down so you have the words in front of you.

Find a quiet place to sit comfortably, and take a few deep cleansing breaths.

Starting with the first item on your list, repeat it to yourself, and then hold it in your mind.


Now ask yourself:

Why do I want this?

Is this something I want to do for myself, or something I think I'm 'supposed' to do/be/have/act like/appear?

When I think about these words, do I feel any sensation in my body? Do I feel a sense of joy? Motivation? Excitement? Or resistance? Dread? Discouragement?

If I am feeling a sense of resistance, where do I think that might be coming from?

What do I hope to feel by following through on this resolution? Can I feel that way now?

If this is something I really want for myself, and I have concerns about being able to stick with it, what kind of support system can I create to help me?

Repeat this with each item, jotting down any thoughts or feelings that you notice. If the resolution you are stating feels a little vague, like, "I want to be more patient", can you imagine a specific picture of yourself in which you are experiencing more patience? Can you create a visual of yourself looking back on the year having attained any one of these goals and how that would feel?

If you could manifest just one change in your life this coming year that would contribute to your well-being, what would be, and what would you have to do to make it happen?

Feel free to share...