Happy Feet


In my experience, little ones are fascinated with things they can do to help themselves and their family members feel better.

My youngest, since toddlerhood, has enjoyed mimicking my shiatsu moves and trading treatments with me.. (and he's got potential, quite frankly). I also remember taking my oldest, at the age of 9, to a Reiki Level One training, and joyfully watching him using his newfound skills on our cats.

Teaching children methods of self-care early on, I believe, is a wonderful antidote to the current message we give that all discomforts should be addressed with medication of some form.

"Happy Feet: A Child's Guide to Reflexology", written by Leia A. Stinnett, is a wonderfully simple introduction (for both kids and adults) to the art of foot reflexology.

Reflexology is based on the premise that there are 72,000 'reflex points' on the feet, that when rubbed or pressed, would send healing energy to a correlating nerve, gland, organ or muscle.

Teaching ourselves and our children this simple method of specialized foot rubbing as a means of helping themselves and others feel good is incredibly empowering. With only 60 pages containing large type and whimsical illustrations, it's a great introduction to an ancient natural healing modality.