Monday Meditation - Special Third Eye Opening

Happy Monday...!

Instead of presenting a meditation for the next chakra in line for today (which I still may do later) I am going to jump to a Third Eye Meditation, as I received the following message from a friend over the weekend:

"It is said that beginning this Sunday the 13th of July on into the 17th
of July is a time for major activation of the third eye opening.
What does that mean to you?   Well, the third eye is our Psychic Eye.  I may suggest that you engage in meditation as often as possible at these times with the intention of going into this energy with ease and grace.
Being mindful of letting go of any pent up old stuck ways. Hey hey good times are on the way!
Much love to all of you and very many many blessings!!!"

The Third Eye is that point in the center of the forehead, between the brows, and it is our center of intuition. I believe we could probably all use some help in "letting go of any pent up old stuck ways"! ... I sure can!

So, enjoy!