Monday Meditation - 3rd Eye Revisited and the Sphenoid

Happy Monday! It is a glorious day here in PA! Unbelievably clear and cool... 

I am offering a Third Eye Chakra meditation again (I offered one before, as I had received word that it was a cosmically-optimal time to open that center of intuition), but this week it is next in line. I also wanted to share some pretty cool anatomical facts that are associated with the third eye area.

Back in Anatomy class in shiatsu school, we learned that the cranium (skull) is made up of 8 bones. This fact, as well as the more establishmentally-disputed theory that these bones have a degree of mobility, make up the basis for the modality craniosacral therapy. There is only one particular bone, the sphenoid, (meaning 'wedge-shaped') that articulates with all seven of the other cranial bones. The sphenoid sits behind the eyes, making up part of the eye sockets, and nasal cavities. 

The absolute coolest thing about it, though, is that it resembles a butterfly, (or a bat, but I prefer the former) with the wing tips stretching into the temples. Check it out! I was blown away by the thought that we all have one of these magnificent structures inside of our heads!


But there's more.

There's a little notch in the sphenoid (in the body of the butterfly), known as the "turk's saddle" in which the pituitary gland is housed. I imagine it like a brilliant indigo jewel embedded in this part of the skull, just behind the nasal cavity.  Another part of the sphenoid supports the part of the brain that houses the pineal gland. It is believed in chakra circles, that these two glands: the pituitary, that secretes major hormones, and the pineal, which regulates circadian rhythms and produces melatonin, when activated together energetically open the Third Eye. There is plenty to read on this subject without me going into it further here, but I thought the physical correlation to this ancient energetic system was fascinating.

One more thing to note: the graphic symbol for the Third Eye Chakra (and each chakra has one) is described as a blue two-petaled lotus. As you can see, it actually resembles a butterfly!

So, without further ado, here is your Third Eye meditation.. Enjoy!

The sixth chakra, Ajna ("to perceive") is located between the eyebrows, just above the bridge of the nose. This chakra radiates the color indigo blue (the term "indigo children" refers to the children being born now with their third eye already open) and is associated with psychic ability, emotional and mental intelligence and intuition. 

Affirmation: "May I see and perceive clearly on every level, and seek only the truth."