Under Pressure - More Than Metaphor


As I've been hobnobbing lately with women immersed in businesses dealing with organization and time management, I began to reflect on the nature of pressure, and how we experience this expression of stress in our culture, and how I would view this condition through a shiatsu lens.

There are many styles and systems to choose from created for the intention of taming the external causes of pressure... new, and tried and true ways to approach the continual influx of stuff and information, as well as that disparity between so much to do and so few hours.

But what about our internal experience of pressure?

I mean, when we perceive that we are being overwhelmed by what life is throwing at us, or by what we are allowing in, either by intention or default, doesn't the word 'pressure' accurately describe what we physically feel, and more than just metaphorically? It's like a feeling of the world bearing down, of a hindered ability to breathe... a closing in, a sense of limited mobility and a lack of options. Yes?

Our bodies, as is true with practically all of our mental and emotional states, express what is going on in our heads. And likewise, our moods and perspectives are directly affected by how our bodies feel. In a state of pressure, we literally contract and become smaller and more compact. It doesn't matter which came first... physical, emotional, and mental conditions feed off each other, unless we can interrupt the feedback loop, and consciously introduce a new way of being.

Fortunately, it really doesn't take too much of an effort to effect this change. For one thing, we can just change scenery. Get up, get outside... introduce a sense of expansion. Stretch, breathe, move a little. Get bodywork. This will provide some temporary, but immediate relief.

Tune in again this week for more on pressure and tips for creating a greater sense of expansion and relief.