Under Pressure - How Do You Feel It?


In the last post, I began to describe how the example of the mental experience of pressure (as in, "I have so much to do and not enough time!", or "I can't see beyond all of this stuff in front of me to get to what's really important!", or "I feel completely overwhelmed as to be paralyzed!") translates into a literal physical experience of pressure.

By necessity and by choice, many things demand our attention.

So, aside from the changes that we can make to organize, deter, declutter and otherwise tame our external world so as to get a sense of peace, how can we begin to affect our experience of pressure...thereby allowing us to feel a sense of freedom, centeredness, and space in the midst of a very hectic world?

First of all, let me ask you to picture yourself, if you are not in this place in the moment, experiencing a situation in which you could describe yourself as feeling pressure.

Maybe it's one particular circumstance, or a recurring one, perhaps a particular time of day-- or maybe it's just work, in general. Or if you happen to be feeling "pressure" right now... what are you physically feeling? Can you notice your breathing (or lack thereof?) Where, specifically, in your body can you pinpoint feelings of pressure? And, what is your posture like?

When you think about "all the things you have to get done", what do you notice happening in your body?

Is it energetic enthusiasm? Calm clarity? A slight sense of panic with increased heart rate? Chest tightness? Maybe a sudden drop in energy and a deadening feeling. Try to be very specific as you describe to yourself (or in the comments, if you like) what you are feeling. Jot down a note to yourself, if you can remember, to be aware of those places in the day where your mood drops. Bringing these automatic responses into the light of consciousness is the beginning of being able to make long-lasting change.

Tune in again tomorrow for ways to change your experience of pressure...