Under Pressure - Grounding

....In which we begin to explore methods to relieve the physical experience and pressure, and shift our posturing in relation to the world and what it is offering us... sound like fun?

Beginning with my own experience of feeling "pressured", which I can only describe as feeling like a part of myself is running ahead, and getting away from me. I'll start off the day feeling centered and energized, and once the momentum gets going, if at any point, my thoughts turn to all of the other things I still have in mind to accomplish... whoosh!... I feel almost an immediate sense of panic and anxiety, especially in my chest, accompanied by either paralysis, sinking mood or irritability. So, in this scenario, it's really a need for grounding and a reining in of my energetic body into myself.

** So, the first thing I would do is to just stop for a minute. And breathe. Not deeply, just gently and intentionally. Maybe even spend a few moments in Mountain Pose.

** I would then get a sense of my feet on the floor, maybe even go outside for a minute, barefoot if the weather allows, and reconnect with the earth.

** In these few moments, I might ask myself 'what is the reality of the sense of urgency I feel?' What is really important to accomplish on this day, and what can I just allow to flow or wait.

** A good grounding pressure point is Spleen 6, located three finger widths above the inside ankle bones, and just along the shin bone. Pressing into this spot or massaging it, as well as just general massage around the ankle and the feet, will bring some of that upward moving energy which leads to irritability, downward into the feet.(Pressure on Spleen 6 is also good for relieving menstrual cramps, but should be AVOIDED in pregnancy).

(Interestingly, one of the characteristics of an imbalance in the Earth element, of which the Spleen meridian belongs to, is pensiveness, or too much thinking...)

** Another efficacious point for sending energy downward, and relieving headaches from too much thinking, is the Hoku point, or Large Intestine 4. This point is located on the fleshy mound between the forefinger and the thumb. This point also should be avoided during pregnancy.

** Next, to further nurture the earth element and a sense of expansiveness, would be to have a small snack or meal with a sweet taste. Sugar is most definitely expansive, and great to relieve mental contraction after a lot of cerebral activity (can't you just feel it in the front of your head?), but refined sugar can be too extreme, and I find that it really exacerbates that breathless, tight chest feeling. But something whole and higher in carbs is good for grounding, like an organic PB & J. (I also like almond or cashew butter...!)

Tomorrow, I will give some tips to deal with the sense of feeling boxed in and contracted. Stay tuned!!