Carnival of Healing #155 - Perfect As We Are

Welcome to my very first hosting of the Carnival of Healing!

I am thrilled to include the carnival today as part of my Grace in Gravity Open House month, as well as this being my birthday week .... so, let's keep the party going!

In looking over the submitted offerings this week, I noticed a theme emerging in a few of them that, in my philosophy, speaks to the first truth of real healing.. that is, the recognition of our perfection, and the appropriateness of whatever point we may be in our journey. To set aside self-defeating thoughts of 'how I SHOULD look, feel, weigh, eat, etc." is to disarm the power of resistance, and begin to illuminate the truth of what we really need to heal.

And so, with that, let's begin with a limerick, entitled "Gray Matters" from Madeleine Begun Kane of Mad Kane's Humor Blog about turning gray (lest we forget that humor is a HUGE component of our healing journeys!).

Robin, of Let's Live Forever, wrote a simply beautiful post entitled, "Feelings Are There to Be Felt"... reminding us that by ignoring and suppressing our 'negative' painful emotions, they can become harmful, and too powerful -- and that by acknowledging and embracing these emotions ... giving them space and a name, we can free ourselves of their power over us.

Phylameana lila Desy, in her post, "Join Me in the 29 Day Gift Giving Challenge" invites us to give away something of yourself for 29 days, shifting the focus of our own personal struggles to that of how we can help others, and then opening up to the miraculous possibilities that follow.

Kristen McCarthy, in her provocative piece, "Menstrual Suppression is the New White", addresses a topic dear to my heart. The continued negative campaign by doctors and pharmaceutical companies, geared toward eliminating a woman's monthly cycles 'for her own good', are not only skewed, but potentially very dangerous. I hope to see (and will contribute to) more writings about this scary trend.

Stories of survival and spiritual triumph under extreme and inhumane conditions can inspire us to rise above what we perceive to be the harshness of our own lives. Victor Frankl's account comes to mind. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's is another. Glowing Face Man offers how his life was touched by this political prisoner under Stalin's regime in "Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: A Man of Courage, Passion and Freedom"

Chris Edgar, of Purpose Power Coaching, in Part Two of "Are You Really Trapped?" challenges our stories that we are stuck in our: career, relationship, financial situation, 'fill-in-the-blank'  by suggesting that we're paralyzed by too many possibilities open to us. It is easier to stay within the discomfort of the known, than to take the leap onto a path that might be perceived as "wrong", Compelling question, indeed.

Pain Relief 

Good sound advice for using heat in the relief of neck pain comes from The Back Pain Blog.. in a piece entitled "Neck Pain Goes Back to Class".

Sierra Koester of "Pain Relief 101", shares a few insights she has gained as a sufferer of fibromyalgia in "The Do's and Dont's of Natural Pain Relief for Fibromyalgia".

Skin Care

With "organic" and "natural" being the new hot marketing terms, it's important, as a consumer, to educate oneself about the mythology surrounding these terms to be assured that what you are buying is indeed, 'organic'. Julena of "Organic Makeup and Skin Care" helps you sift through the facts and fiction in "Organic Skin Care Myths".

Dealing with less than perfect skin? Laura Milligan, of, offers "101 Ways to Rid Yourself of Acne".

Food and Health

Can food choices be a form of activism? Leslie Hatfield, author of the e-book, "Cultivating the Web", believes so. Check out her interview on Victoria Everman's blog. From this post: "Featuring intelligent essays by noted moved and shakers in the sustainable food movement, Cultivating the Web includes lists of eco-food focused blogs, networks websites, consumers resources and more."

Drawing from the diets of two cultures known for their health and longevity, Trudy Thelander and Ric Watson created a food and health website, called Lovelyn, author of The Art of Balanced Livingblog, interviews Trudy about their site and their book, The MediterrAsian Way.

BrainBlogger offers a perspective on the nagging question of whether vegetarians get enough protein, in "Are You Vegetarian? How Do You Get Enough Protein?"

Curious about what a (raw) vegan is and what on earth they eat? Check out the blog we overstep and get an insight.

Exercise and Movement

B.M. Garrett offers encouraging advice about incorporating the healthy exercise and movement we need just within our daily lives. Forget the bowflex! Grab the kids! (Or a mop!)

Whether you're involved in an active exercise regimen, or your activities are limited to work and/or home, Grace R Young OT offers sound advice to avoid fatigue and injury in "Rest, Pacing and Timing".

Have you sustained an injury and have concerns about falling behind in your fitness goals? Weight Loss Journal help you keep up with this article entitled, "How to Keep Fit When You Are Injured".


And last, but not least. From The Change Blog... ""How to Meditate (& Why it May Help You Overcome Depression)

I hope you enjoyed this week's carnival. If you liked a particular post, let them know, and spread the word about the carnival! Feedback is a good thing..

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