The Self-Shiatsu Handbook

It has been said that the origins of hands-on healing, including shiatsu, began when humans first instinctively soothed a headache by rubbing the forehead, or administered pressure to a place of pain or discomfort. We continue to do this, perhaps not knowing anything more technical than that we expect it will feel better. Even when we sense someone else is hurting, our first impulse is often to reach out and place our hands on them.

Shiatsu, at its heart, is no more than this healing touch overlaid onto a roadmap of lines of energy, intuited in ancient times to be powerfully accessible and efficient pathways to the body's self-healing mechanism.


The Self-Shiatsu Handbook, written by shiatsu instructor, Pamela Ferguson, gives understandable and effective techniques for relieving such common problems as headaches, insomnia, congestion, indigestion, back pain, 'the blues', and women's health issues.

Ferguson also offers suggestions for preventing injuries incurred while jogging, frequent flying, and regular computer usage. The last chapter gives advice for using simple shiatsu techniques on family members: children, elderly.. through birthing and dying.

At just 137 pages, this easily-digestible book will equip you with the basic tools with which to administer this ancient healing technique to yourself and your loved ones.