Breast Cancer? Breast Health!


This week's book up for review is Susun S. Weed's "Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way".

Readers unfamiliar with Susun Weed's body of written work will find her handling this topic with the same voice of authority and boldness that she puts forth in her other books. 

While Susun is an herbalist through and through, and a continual champion for natural and preventative approaches to breast health, she offers sound advice for any course of action a woman discovering herself with breast cancer may choose ... gently offering her extensive knowledge of "green allies" to complement and offset the more harmful side effects of traditional treatments. 

For example, in her chapter entitled, "Taking Our Breasts Into Our Own Hands", Susun offers recipes for making a variety of massage oils, mostly from plants and 'weeds' you could find in your backyard.

I love this book, even though, thankfully, breast cancer has not been a part of my experience or that of any of my female kin.

And I have recommended it many times because Susun's 'Wise Woman Way' extends far beyond the occasion of diagnosis.

She teaches us how to re-assume responsibility for own bodies, how to re-connect with parts of ourselves from which we have become estranged, and how to care for our breasts both as a means of self-nurturance as well as prevention. On the other end of the spectrum, should a woman find herself with cancer, Susun speaks with reason and calm, assuring her not to panic, walking her through the steps of how to make informed and empowered choices about a treatment plan. And should one's path include the inevitability of death, Susun fearlessly yet compassionately offers the means by which a woman can prepare herself and make peace with this manifestation of her journey.

I cannot say enough about this book. Readers may find themselves responding one way or another to Susun's wealth of opinions and her strong way of presenting them, but I assure you, if you read through with an open mind, you will come away with a renewed sense of your own power and reverence for the beauty of your body... shedding the helplessness so often found in the face of this all-too-common disease.