Chi Self-Massage


Master Mantak Chia (cha-cha-chia... sorry, a little humor there) in his book, Chi Self- Massage, The Taoist Way of Rejuvenation, shares an ancient method by which Taoist Masters were able to maintain their youthful appearance and healthy organ function well into old age.

Unlike traditional Western massage, which focuses on the muscles, chi massage employs one's own internal energy to strengthen and rejuvenate the sense organs (which Chia says can help to control negative emotions), and the inner organs (which can help to change emotional and personal characteristics).

This book illustrates yet another example of how by addressing the physical body, we can bring about positive emotional and psychological shifts.

Master Chia walks the reader through various techniques of self-massage, breathing, visualization, and even smiling ... refining them into a daily practice, which, as he writes, will allow you to ".. enjoy feeling, looking, and functioning as a happier, calmer, more vital and attractive person."

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