Your Inner Captive


Looks harmless enough..

I recently became involved in an on-line discussion regarding 'comfort zones', aptly re-named by one of the participants as 'hostage zones'. Many of us are familiar with the idea of a "comfort zone"... that soft, Lay-Zee Boy Recliner of Life we settle into, at first, for a little peace and stability.

It's comfortable, to be sure, but eventually we become resistant to the thought of evacuating that space, until the idea of even getting up for the remote feels like a Herculean task.

Katherine Reschke, coiner of the 'hostage zone' phrase, revealed her distaste for the word 'comfort' in regards to this state, as it belies its utter insidiousness.

So, what's wrong with wanting to be comfortable?

Well, nothing, at first. But what our biology is wired for is challenge. And movement. We know that with the introduction of new information, new neural pathways are created in the brain.  Strength training cultivates bone density. Movement keeps us flexible, and produces endorphins, which elevates our mood. Facing our fears brings us closer to our true expression. Everything that we know about challenge (and, more importantly, our attitude toward it) is that it makes us stronger.. mind, body and soul.

Stillness and rest are natural parts of the overall rhythm.

We need these lulls in the music to regain our stability, make adjustments, process information, and rejuvenate before we go back out onto the dance floor.

It's when we settle back into our chair, pull our security blanket up around us and look on at the world going by that we get stuck.

Movement and growth is life. Lack of movement is atrophy, rigor mortis, and quite frankly, my friends, death. To live in captivity of our own inner critics, fears, doubts, inflexibility and so on, is to live a half-life.

Katherine Reschke, whom I mentioned above, and Jenn Givler, are offering their joint coaching project: "Coaching the Brain: How to Go From Stuck to Success", based on the idea that the beliefs and limitations we have that contribute to holding us captive in our hostage zones can be changed through 'rewiring'. Jenn and Katherine are offering a free informational teleseminar on their program on September 17th at 1 pm EST, so you can see if this is a match for you. Just sign up on Katherine's website, and she'll send you more details and the call-in number.

I will also be continuing to address this very powerful topic here on my site, with shiatsu-based tips and strategies for releasing yourself from your inner captive.