The New Rules of Posture


I have peripherally recommended this book, "The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand, and Move in the Modern World" by Mary Bond, for some months, so perhaps it's time to come right out and promote it.... especially as I have drawn so much of what I write about from its pages.

Author Mary Bond, with a Master's degree in dance, and Structural Integration training under Dr. Ida Rolf, beautifully illustrates the point that proper posture is not about how we stand still, but how we move and carry ourselves. 

East to understand, Bond effectively carries the reader through simple exercises that bring awareness to how the body feels.. which, instead of the traditional path of retraining the muscles, allows for postural changes from the inside out

Bond also challenges some of long-held beliefs concerning things like proper breathing and ergonomics. If you find yourself dealing with any kind of chronic pain.. neck, shoulders, back, hips, feet.. even fatigue... I highly recommend picking up this book and trying her simple exercises and suggestions... on its own, or in conjunction with other therapies, her book is invaluable.

If nothing else, you will gain a greater awareness of how your body is put together, and how each action you undertake affects and is affected by every other. This is very much a book I would like to have written, and find it to be an essential part of my library.