Monday Meditation - Flow with Abundance

I thought it would be fun to kick off the New Year with a guided visualization for attracting prosperity into our lives.

I have to admit, some it made me chuckle, like the invitation to imagine 'waves of cash flowing toward me, and raining from the sky'... yikes... but I did really like the idea of first becoming a container that can hold this abundance.. that is, having a recognition of self-worth. Granted, feelings of self-worth may take a bit longer than a 4 minute video to achieve, but it is a good thing to remember its necessity in the larger scheme of things.

I also appreciated the visualization first being directed outward to others and their well-being. A recognition of our interconectedness and that flow is a two-way process, I believe, is essential to our inclusion in the stream of prosperity.

So, let's get those visualization caps on... and here's to an exciting and prosperous New Year... in whatever form that may take for you!