Curly Kale as a Metaphor

(What's a metaphor? To hold cows, of course... ba dum cha!)

Okay, so here is a poem by a friend of mine that was published in a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) newsletter. Having expounded on the joys of kale previously on my site, I thought it should be included here. Plus, it's just sweet. Enjoy!


What to do for Bitterness
(or Curly Kale as a Metaphor)

by Cathy Fornwalt

A woman of uncertain age
who seemed to me part crone, part sage,
laughed as I began the tale
of how I tried to sweeten kale.
She told me, "You just pour it off."
She stopped, as if she'd said enough.
I pestered her for more detail
on how to sweeten curly kale.
Do you add sugar, white or brown,
to try to dampen bitterness down?
She smiled at me, as if she knew
what I was really trying to do.
"You work with it until it's done.
You boil it three times, not just one.
Pour off the old water, put in new,
until your bitterness is through."
I stood there staring at the floor.
Is curly kale a metaphor?
Is that what some of us should do--
Just pour it off until it's through?
Or drown our bitterness with sweets?
Enough of this, let's get some eats!