Serendipity Strikes Again

Okay, I'm having one of those moments.

I've been working on my website again... honing my who-who-what... trying to identify what it is I *do*, and *whom* it is I serve... which is where I always get stuck.

And in the midst of processing some wonderful suggestions from folks on a particular business forum, I decided to follow up on a name mentioned by another shiatsu practitioner (thank you Shiatsu Rob!) on an entirely unrelated other point.

This name mentioned is Michael Rose, and I'm thinking maybe I'm a bad shiatsu person that I've never heard of him, given that he was the only practitioner graduated by the venerable founder of Zen Shiatsu, Shizuto Masunaga.

One of the links that Google offered up were some thoughts that Michael wrote in Shiatsu Society News commemorating 30 years since Masunaga released his book, "Zen Shiatsu".

I hope you'll read the article. It's not too long. Why my head is spinning is because what he describes is an experience of shiatsu that I've been having, that I've been trying to pass along, and what had been Masunaga's intention all along.

About shiatsu being a heart-to-heart connection. About treating souls instead of bodies.

Yessss. And eureka, even.

So, in addition to going back to the drawing board to work on my who and my what with renewed inspiration, I'm going to do a little homework on this Michael Rose, who is described in the article as:

 "...much valued for his unique approach, enriched by his Sufism and emphasising quality of touch and connection: heart-to-heart connection and connection to the spiritual via the physical."