End of the Year Shout-Outs


If nothing else could be said about 2009 -though, of course, there were a LOT of something elses - I made some great connections and found some great finds over the past year.

Some are people who I'm just happy to see show up in my inbox or twitter stream.

Others have impressed me enough with their Big Things to not only invest a little money, but become such an evangelist for their products that I would enthusiastically convert others to do the same before it finally occurred to me to see if they even had affiliate programs.

They've all touched my life, or inspired me, or stretched me in some way, and if you don't already know them, well, then, let me introduce you...


Jen Louden. I bought her "Couple's Comfort Book" about a zillion years ago. It took me some months to make the connection that this was the same author I had been following on twitter. She is dubbed "Comfort Queen", but perhaps "Retreat Queen" would do as well.

Here's one she's offering in February of 2010. And she is @jenlouden on twitter.

Havi (and Selma). If you've been reading my stuff, and you still don't know who Havi Brooks (and Selma) are, well, I don't know what to say.


Can't say I remember exactly when I became a devout follower (sorry, Havi, you probably hate that term, but there are a lot of us) but I do know when I took the plunge to become a shivanaut.

One of her tweets about Powell's Books sparked my interest, and now I'm a big fan.

She's got a lot of great stuff to help folks Biggify, Unstuckify, and Dissolve-ify. The one thing I can personally swear by is the wild and wacky Shiva Nata practice. My brain will never be the same.

And dammit, I will get to Portland someday! Find her on twitter: @havi

Hiro Boga. What can I say about Hiro? She is simply a radiant angelic ever-positive presence on twitter, which is the current extent of how I know her, though I've been venturing more and more into her Sunday poetic posts.

She is on my list of 'people to get to know better' for 2010. @hiroboga


Darren Rowse. Problogger's "31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge" was one of the best and inexpensive investments I made in the how-tos of writing a better blog. It's a gift to myself that keeps on giving, and yes, I highly recommend it. @problogger

The Bloggess. I won't say too much about the ever-wigged-out (double entendre there) Jenny, except that I usually go to her site if I wanna laugh till I cry, which is like every day, and I'm just glad she's out there doing what she does so I don't have to. @TheBloggess

Fabeku Fatunmise. Happy-Maker, Chocolate-Lover, Punk-Rocker, Sound-Healing Ninja, is, dare I say, like a soul brother to me... doing with singing bowls what I believe I'm doing with shiatsu.

This guy rocks, and when his little yellow avatar floats down my twitter stream, I know it's gonna be a pleasant hour or two. Check out his free singing bowl downloads for a taste of the awesomesauce. He is @fabeku.

Heidi Fischbach. A massage therapist up 'round Beantown, who will probably be the first stop on my fantasy road trip.

Aardvark Essentials Round2.jpg

She is also a lover of words, hopeless devotee' of Leonard Cohen, and now, along with her Aardvark sidekick, a Maker of Potions. I just got my stocking stuffer sampling of her divinely scented creams in the mail, and I'm So Grateful she sent me a duplicate jar of "Goodness Gracious" so I could bear parting with it to gift a friend.

Find her at Baba Yaga's Place and @curiousHeidiHi on twitter.

Mark Silver. Another heavy hitter and Kid at the Cool Table, and quite possibly the Bringer of the Most Profound Stuff I got involved with this year.


I had been dancing ever nearer to Mark, through the work of others mentioned here: Havi, Jen, Lisa, Jenn, Fabeku, and I finally had the good sense to go to the source. There's too much to say about this without Mark dominating the whole post, but his Heart-Centered business practice was the missing link I had been searching for without knowing it... and the true test of its power was how applicable it is to the rest of my life.

Click the book for his free eZine and workbook, and follow him @MarkHeartofBiz

Sue Hess. I've known Sue in real life for a long time, and am proud to have been in her very first Homestead Herbalism course, which is still rocking 7 years later. She has a blog with gorgeous photos of her farm, her plants, her girls (chickens) and occasionally her own radiant smiling face.

Just wish she lived about 10 miles closer...  @farmatcoventry


Rob Blackburn.  Ever slowly the interwebz bring us out of the woodwork, and I was thrilled to find another kindred spirit who believes shiatsu to harbor revolutionary potential. Keep an eye on him here, and here: @zensandwhich...

....as well as Helen Robello (@Shiatsu4Lifeon Twitter) Like Shiatsu Rob, she is on board with the shiatsu revolution as well as being a student of my own teacher, Saul Goodman. We are on a mission to make shiatsu understandable and interesting to the masses! Now, I've just gotta get to the UK so I can meet some of these people! Oh yeah, find her here.

Wee Peng Ho.Found his blog, The Conscious Life down at the Carnival of Healing (a weekly round up of holistic blog posts). Informative, educated and thorough his site is, but what really impressed me was his compassionate, gentle nature which comes through on our interactions in his comments section. And now on Facebook. And ever so occasionally on twitter. It's obvious he cares about what he does and he makes an effort to kindly connect with everyone who finds themselves on his site. I love that. @tconsciosul


Danielle LaPorte, of White Hot Truth, is one of those women that I would give anything to be... intelligent, sexy (in every way that I mean that), and with an ability to write a post with very few words but all the intensity of a flaming arrow shot through the heart. Just linking to one of her posts brought a long-lost client back to me... that's how hot she is. @DanielleLaPorte

Amy Childs. Another gal I love to soak up, a real-life friend and fellow unschooler and mom, Amy  got me back to revisiting my earliest parenting days, and how that's shaping me as a shiatsu practitioner with her gracious interview invitation on her podcast, Whatever Whatever Amen.

Look for my upcoming interview with @Amy_Childs about herHappiness Consulting business.

Victoria Brouhard. Here's a woman who took the leap out of Working for the Man, as documented in real time on her blog and on twitter, into helping others do the same.How very exciting! Her Big Thing was not something I was in the market for, but it's still been a joy virtually hanging out with her, sharing late-night twitter silliness, and just being in her general vicinity.

She is @victoriashmoria.


Christine Lacombe. Also known as @musecrossing on the twitters and blip.fm, Christine is a kindred spirit, breast cancer survivor, wife to a shiatsu practitioner, embodiment of all that's good and beautiful in Canada, and the first person I ever skyped. True! And she has a blog in addition to her day job. Get to know her. She's a lovely human being.

Jen Hofman. (@inspiredjen) Like a sigh of relief, Jen is among some of the beautiful people listed here who gave me permission to break out of the rigid mindsets around organization, or to-do lists, or time management, etc, etc, which had the added benefit of losing the belief that there was something wrong with me if I couldn't stay on top of this stuff. Are you at war with your office space? Lay down your arms. Check out Inspired Home Office.


Lynn Serafinn. Author of "The Garden of the Soul", as well as beautiful person, I was honored to get to know her a little during my joint (ad)venture doing her book promo. My interview with her is here.. her site is here, and she is @lynnserafinn.

Lisa Hunter. This gorgeous gal, like Jen H, brings peace, joy and sexiness to time management for 'go-getting women'. She reminded me that rhythm is far truer than lists and boxes, and she also hosts a monthly Business Girlfriends Diva Day which simply rocks. She's @lisahunter on twitter, and if you wanna get a taste of her other rhythmic talents, go here. (She's the one in plaid :)

Jenn Givler.The first face I saw upon entering Creative Healing Arts for the first time, which is now home to my second office. Jenn and I became fast friends, and she is primarily responsible for pointing me in Mark Silver's direction, as well as enabling my twitter habit. She was working in the capacity of intuitive business coach for holistic healers at that time ... her expertise now lies in helping busy women create a healthy lifestyle. Check her out: @jenngivler

Honorable Mentions. This is by no means an all inclusive list, and the challenge of writing something like this is knowing where to stop.

There are a number of folks and their Big Things that I hope to get to know better in '10, such as; @JessRS, @PaceSmith, @Kyeli, @monagrayson, @Love_Love_Laugh, @evalazza, @gracejudson, @gassho, @lissarankin, @zenmommy,  and on and on and if I've left you out, please accept my apologies, and suddenly I feel like I'm giving a speech for an Oscar....

Several hours later... and Crap! Knew there were people I would forget! Like Tara Burner, whose 'Affordable Minerable Make-Up' I love!! as well as her supportive and inspirational tweets (@taraburner), and Goddess Leonie Allan (aka @goddessleonie) who is expecting a tiny goddess very soon.... (and I'm sure I'll be back again as I remember more..)