Acupressure for Lovers

"A couple who can make love ecstatically together are likely to provide each other with peace and harmony in every way and hence their loving attraction for each other may increase and become a more permanent one." ~ Jolan Chang, The Tao of Love and Sex


Acupressure for Lovers: Secrets of Touch for Increasing Intimacy, by Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D. is simply a beautiful book.

Sexuality truly being a blessing from the Divine, this amazing work by Dr. Gach teaches how to bring our awareness of and communion with the sacred back into our intimate relationships.

Whether you are long-time partners looking for a way to deepen your connection and bring a greater level of consciousness and intimacy to your lovemaking, or just starting out on your sexual journey together, (or looking to cultivate your own sexuality), A for L can teach you how to care for each other (and for yourself) through instruction in the use of specific acupressure points and massage, breathing, meditation, stretching, holding and just being together with presence. (No prior knowledge  of acupressure necessary!)

Dr. Gach, through the use of lots of photos, illustrations, exercises, quotes and detailed instructions, gives techniques for approaching all phases of lovemaking - before during and after - as well as for self-care, and common issues like infertility, impotence, premature ejaculation, pain and discomfort, and inhibition.

This book is a wonderful gift for your loved one or to yourself.