Carnival of Healing #182 - Is It True?


Welcome back to Embody Grace for my third hosting of the Carnival of Healing! (Can I get an 'Oh Yeah!'?)

My dominant thoughts and blog posts tend to be colored by what I happen to be reading at the time. Today is no different, as I am currently immersed in Byron Katie's, "Loving What Is".

Katie is teaching me to be a lover of reality... to make peace with the world, my world, as it is. The eternal question to all of my stressful thinking being:  Is It True?

How that affects my capacity as 'healer' (if that is indeed what I am) remains to be seen. I'm working on that one, and will be exploring that here in the coming weeks.

As someone practicing an 'alternative' modality... one not yet fully 'proven' by the scientific method, it's easy to fall prey to mythology.. swallowing uninvestigated dogma about chi and energy, for example. .. and spitting it back to my readers and clients. I have a responsibility to always ask myself "Is it true?" before I go giving out info to people who are are counting on me for relief of their pain. My most honest answer at my surest moments is, "Well, this has been my experience."

Beyond that, I believe everyone is responsible for themselves, and when seeking your own answers, like through some of the offerings listed below, I hope you'll go within yourself and ask, "Is this true for me?"

And, so, on that note, we'll kick off with the appetizer:

A Better Definition of Holistic Health. Like the words 'alternative', 'organic', 'green' and 'natural', the term 'holistic' has been bandied about to such an extent as to be meaningless. Many people don't understand what 'holistic health' is really referring to, and specifically how it's differentiated from conventional or allopathic health care. Samir Bharahwaj clarifies the point in this much-needed post.

Main Course:

Pamir Kiciman shares his thoughts on How Oneness Leads to Energetic Integrity. Breaking down the vast concept of "oneness" into seven understandable categories, he drives home the reminder that it is the illusion of separation from self, others, planet, cosmos and divine that keeps us living small, and missing out on the glory of being fully human.

Like myself, who prefers to say "possible scenarios I am currently entertaining" rather than "beliefs", Robin Birch chooses the words "I work with the idea of.." in place of "I believe.." as she introduces this post,  Reincarnation.. A Scenario. I love that she is willing to say that while the idea of an eternity of lifetimes is more appealing to her than the alternative, she'd drop the concept in a minute should something better appear. A compelling post, indeed.

From Beyond Karma (a title which in and of itself attracted my interest) Kaushik Chokshi shares a simple technique for releasing emotions, as well as plaguing and difficult thoughts. Emotions can serve a purpose in drawing our attention to something that may cause us harm, however, unreleased feelings can create a 'groove' in which we get stuck, causing us to be disconnected from the present moment. Kaushik reminds us how to move through these feelings, much as we knew how to do as children.

Jennifer Mannion reminds us that our ability to heal emanates from within. Drawing from her own experience, and including videos and interviews from others, she offers what promises to be a new direction for her blog beginning with We Are All Healers - The New Basics of Healing

Disappointment sucks. Or does it? In this first post of a four part series, Celestine Chua explores the benefits to experiencing disappointment ... reminders for how to turn our perspective of this negative emotion around for growth, in Why Disappointment is Good.

In Micro-Yoga for the Busy Woman, Marian Van Eyk McCain explains how the use of 'auto-cues' can help with incorporating new healthy habits into one's daily life. In this particular post, she offers a variety of yoga techniques that can be practiced while standing at the supermarket, stopped at a red light, or standing in an elevator. Really cool tips!


Have you wanted to get the healthful benefits of essential oil aromatherapy, but unsure as to the best method of diffusion? Let Carol Wiley of Belleview Massage Therapy explain the pros and cons of various options in Types of Aromatherapy Diffusers.

Ever wonder what the big deal is with MSG? Fit J, in his no-nonsense post, What Is MSG and Why You Should Avoid It, gives you the scoop about this insidious 'flavor enhancer'... its various alibis and overall health consequences. Great post, and a list that will be going with me to the grocery store!

We usually have the best of intentions when making healthy changes to our lifestyles. But sometimes with the isolation of modern life, we miss that human support that we need to stay on track. Sarah Scrafford has compiled a list of websites and networks to meet your particular health needs and keep you on track in this excellent post: 50 Terrific Social Sites for Healthy Living

Acupuncturist Joseph Alban, L.Ac. explains how his art relieves the symptoms of a common malady in 5 Reasons Acupuncture Works to Treat Migraines.

Adrenal fatigue seems to be an issue that crops up more and more these days, and in response to a prior post that identifies some of the signs of this condition, Kalidasa gives some support in treating this condition in Who Else Wants Help for Adrenal Exhaustion? Adrenal Support for Adrenal Stress

It's not easy being green. Unless you have some helpful tips like Tushar Mathur's Ways to Go Green in the Kitchen

Oh favorite flu remedy to talk about, just so I can show off my ability to pronounce it! For all of its effectiveness, you'd think it would have been given an easier name to say so it could be asked for at the store. Here is a review of Oscillococcinum in's Does Oscillococcinum Really Work?


We'll go out with a post by a man after my own heart, Aaron Rogier, who unarguably justifies frequent indulgence in one of my favorite pastimes in 7 Reasons to Sleep In. For good health, you know?

Alrighty folks... that's it for me!

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