'The Garden of the Soul' Now on Amazon


Lynn Serafinn's book, 'The Garden of the Soul', while still yet to be released on April 7th, is now listed on Amazon!

This is a unique book. Part poetry, part metaphor, part autobiography... she takes the reader on a journey to learn the lessons of four flowers: the rose, the iris, the daffodil and the lily... lessons that are already within her own garden of experience.. that helped her reclaim her lost Voice and bring her back to Wholeness.

Lynn shares her life story (thus far) with candidness... growing up in a 'no-talk-zone' household, attending an elitist music school, immersion in a spiritual community that marginalizes women, years spent in an abusive marriage... all of which led to disconnection with her Self, and eventually serious health issues (such as pancreatitis and fibromyalgia).

The spoiler: Yes, her tale has a happy ending. She's come out the other side, and now helps others to find their own Voices. I found myself in her story, some words bringing me to tears. Maybe you'll find yourself there, too.

But, here's the thing!

If you buy the book within the first 48 hours of its release, and you are registered here, you are eligible to pick up any number of 25 generous freebie offerings from Lynn's friends (including yours truly!). So be sure to visit here, and sign-up!

And, now enjoy this video, 'Song of the Rose'.. poetry by Lynn Serafinn, accompanied by the gorgeous photography of Sheila Finklestein, and hypnotic beats of bleeptest.

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