Stuff I Swear By - Ayate Washcloth

It's been written that scrubbing the skin daily in some form or other is great not only for exfoliation, but to promote circulation and toxin elimination.

Dry brushing is one method, and in the macrobiotic school of thought, they recommend scrubbing the entire body every morning with a hot wet washcloth till the skin turns red. If that's impractical, then at least the palms and the soles of the feet. (This is also a great use for the ginger water left over from a ginger compress.)


I came across this cool little washcloth many years ago, and I just won't live without it (though they do wear out eventually, so I've replaced it a number of times). When I find myself showering without it, like on trips, I'm left with that incomplete feeling like after brushing my teeth without toothpaste. I feel invigorated after using it with bathing, in ways that I don't with just a washcloth, and I do believe it also helps diminish cellulite due to the increased circulation.

Made from agave fiber in Mexico, this cloth tightens up after a few uses, and while loofah-like in nature, it's more pliable (easier to use) and resistant to mold (few things worse than a moldy loofah...ew).

You can buy one here, or possibly find one at your local natural food retailer.

* As per new regulations, I am required to inform you that if you purchase a washcloth through the link provided, I will make about 17 cents.*