The Superlicious Diva


Isn't she lovely, folks?.... an interview with Lisa Hunter, time management goddess, and founder of and Superlicious Diva Day.

I've raved about Lisa before, here, and here, and yeah, here. Her 'sexy' approach to time management for 'go-getting entrepreneurial women' inspired me to such a huge extent, not only in my personal life, but in how to see similarities with my shiatsu work.

Lisa learned the hard way, after going through intense burnout in her music business, that there IS another way for passionate women to manage their time, their businesses and their lives in a fun and totally sexy way.

You can learn more about her here, as well as participate in her totally awesome Superlicious Diva Day, happening June 25th. (See bottom for more details)


Me: Hi Lisa! First, I'm wanting to clarify. Your site and your work is directed toward 'go-getting entrepreneurial women. Can your message connect with women who aren't necessarily in business for themselves? After all, stress and high-pressure to-do lists seem to be universal in our culture. And I know the workload and management pressures of being a mom and running a household can equal that of any CEO.

Or is your work just geared toward entrepreneurs?


Lisa: You're right - my website is geared specifically for entrepreneurial women AND the stuff that I coach and teach can definitely be applied to ALL women. I just had to pick a more narrow demographic for marketing purposes, and working with entrepreneurial women is my particular specialty!

So even if you're not an entrepreneurial woman, please read on anyway. This is for you too ;0)


Me: I've noticed you can't really throw a virtual rock on the internet these days without hitting a time management expert. Tell us why what you do is unique and why people like me worship the ground you walk on?


Lisa: Gina, you're a stitch! Well, in that case, I'm glad you're not throwing any rocks at me. And instead you're actually throwing compliments ;0) I built the Sexy Time Management systemfor that very reason - every time you turn around there's another time management expert with all kinds of tips and advice.

You try those tips, and they uh, kinda sorta work. I've lived the whole overwhelmed, burned-out, over-scheduled, constantly-behind routine and found that even though the standard time management tips are useful, they don't usually get to the heart of the matter, the whole underlying cause for all this crazy running around in the first place. After years of observing myself and watching what did and didn't change this for me, I found that it all came down to two core things - rhythm and inner knowing.

So that's what I teach - how to bring your real rhythm and inner knowing into the process of time management. These are the things that make all the other tips and tricks out there really work for you. And as a bonus, they are also the things that bring you more in touch with your internal power and with your own internal sexiness. It's a two-for-one: not only make your schedule better, but walk in the world with more vibrancy, essence and power.


Me: As an aside, I came to find and love you through something you wrote, the infamous "Matt Damon"** post, and the question within that post, "What's the Real Rhythm Here?", which I played off of.

This exercise really hit me and inspired me to 1) Look at my list as less of a static thing to tackle, and more as a dance, in which both elements, the list and myself, are fluid and flexible. And 2) to introduce elements of juicy inspiration that I wouldn't have otherwise thought of to get the wheels turning in a fun way.

Would you say these were kind behind your intention, and can you talk a little more about how you came up with sexy time management?


Lisa: That's so cool that those posts inspired you in that way - yay! And those posts are a good examples of how I came to approach time management from the perspective of rhythm.

I started to view my list as dictated by rhythm rather than dictated by to-do's. Now, it feels kinda crazy at first because the to-do's are important to get done. But when I first started experimenting, I chose to make the following of my rhythm more important than getting everything done. If it didn't fit in my rhythm I didn't do it. That was extreme (because you can't always have everything in life fit your rhythm), but what I learned from that experiment was how to notice my real rhythm and what I could realistically get done within it.

When I tried to tackle lists that didn't take my rhythm into account, I found I was less productive overall. I then began to use my awareness of my real rhythm to guide my future scheduling choices. Over time, I found that I got more done in less time when I used rhythm to guide my choices rather than conventional prioritization and brain-assessment things that you learn from most time management tips.

Me: And the question that maybe people are asking, maybe not, but I always feel compelled to answer anyway: what, pray tell, does this have to do with shiatsu?


Lisa: The first thing that comes to mind is a shiatsu massage that I had, gosh it was over a decade ago. But I still remember that massage. It was GREAT, and what I remember most is that it was very rhythmic! In fact, it was the rhythm of it that brought me to a very deep place of relaxation. So it makes me think about how I've seen each of my clients become aware of her own rhythm and then use it to guide her scheduling choices, which always results in a schedule that is more sane and successful. The ultimate effect of this kind of schedule and the thing that we truly care about as the bottom-line? More relaxation! Just like you get from rhythm in shiatsu :0)


Gina: And I will add that the idea of rhythm resonates nicely with the idea of priority of treatment that I talked about here, which is about finding the most accessible way in to the receiver's core energy system. Will go into this in depth later. Also, bodywork helps to bring awareness to our own inner knowing about what does and doesn't work for us.

Anyway,one last thing, Lisa. Please, PLEASE tell our readers about your Superlicious Diva Day....


Lisa:Superlicious Diva Business Day is one of my favorite things in the world right now!

(G: Mine too!)

I love bringing spirited, go-getting, sassy and smart entrepreneurial women together for both business and play. And Diva Day is all about that - it's an online forum one day a month to meet other sparky entrepreneurial women and make meaningful connections that come from the heart, not from a place of sharky promotion. We do this through a really cool combination of activities and discussions that facilitate play, self-care rejuvenation and powerful business brainstorming. As you engage with all of this, you get to know each other and connections and inspirations naturally ensue!!

Next Diva Day is this Thursday, June 25th, so come have fun with us! Read more about it here:

Thank you, Lisa!!!

** For the record, while I think Matt Damon's cute, I did replace his image with that of my old stand-by, Viggo Mortenson. You are, of course, free to substitute whomever works for you.**