Breaking My Silence About Food

As a holistic practitioner, I have found myself shying away from giving out food advice. Not because this wasn't part of my training ... it was, though mainly from the macrobiotic point of view. (The macrobiotic 'lifestyle' includes shiatsu, as well as diet). And I originally learned about shiatsu while working in a macrobiotic market over 20 years ago.

In thinking about this hesitance on my part recently, I think there are a few reasons.

The primary one is that, given that there are so many possibilities and theories out there, I really don't feel I have the authority, or the competency to tell people what they should eat. (And more admittedly, I feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying to keep up with all that knowledge...)

Secondly, I've been wanting to focus more on how people eat, rather than what... what state of mind we make our food choices from, and have those choices come from a place of self-awareness, rather than unfulfilled needs, or some expert's theory.

Just because something makes sense doesn't mean that it's right for you.

I've heard (and probably you as well) compelling arguments for vegetarianism, veganism, raw, fermented, macrobiotic, omnivorous, no carbs, fasting, not fasting, eating according to your heredity, and on and on.... and frankly, just for myself, I'm still trying to figure it out.

I always think back to Masanobu Fukuoka's statement in his book, "The One Straw Revolution" (and I paraphrase:) that the ultimate goal was to get beyond any "diet", including macrobiotics, which was considered the ultimate in his country, and just aspire to eating out of joy. Honing a clear awareness of exactly what your body needs.

I appreciate that for many of us now, this 'awareness' could easily be confused with cravings. The difference being that what seems to bring us joy in this moment really doesn't serve our well-being in the long run. Not that chocolate cake couldn't be enjoyed even from a higher degree of consciousness, but it's the intention with which we take it in. I once heard macrobiotic teacher and author, Cornelia Aihara say that sometimes she really wants to eat an ice cream cone. She knows it will give her a headache, so she enjoys the headache as much as the ice cream.

So, having said all this... I would like to start offering more food-related posts. (I should say, again. I have posted recipes as well as some odds and ends in the past.)

I think there are some general guidelines that hold true across the board and some helpful wisdom behind the associations between meridian imbalances and certain foods. This serves as much as an exploration for me as hopefully useful advice for you, and will maybe inspire some thought-provoking discussions.

But no matter what you choose to nourish yourself... make sure you chew well!!