Are You a Fire Person?

"Having purified the great delusion, the heart's darkness, the radiant light of the unobscured sun continuously rises."  ~ H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche


Fire. Expressive, expansive, radiant, awe-inspiring, hot, dangerous, and transformative.

An element of extremes and contradictions. We crave to be around the warmth of fire, but only so close. We need heat to survive, to turn our food into energy (calories are units of heat), to thrive, to instigate movement.

We love to be around people who are warm, expressive, energetic, fiery. They make life interesting, they encourage us to thaw, they bring people together. They exhaust the rest of us.

Maybe we are those people. Maybe we have moments like that, or wish we did. Maybe I'm expressing a little envy about people like that...

The Fire element in Chinese Medicine has the unique position of governing two pairs of meridians: the Heart /Small Intestine, and the Heart Protector/Triple Heater. All of these are related in that they deal with our spirit, our core, our consciousness and our ability to navigate relationships. These will be addressed in other posts more specifically.

Fire is about transformation, warmth, movement, power and responsiveness. Fire is yang... active and outwardly directed. It burns brightly, but only as long as it has something to feed on. This need for fuel makes it difficult to control, or self-maintain. Fiery people are emotionally expressive, and can easily transfer their contagious enthusiasm and passion to others in a positive way or in a mob-mentality way.

The Emotional element of Fire is Joy, but when imbalanced, it can be experienced as nervousness, anxiety, manic behavior, or depression.

You may be a Fire Person if you:

  • are drawn to excitement
  • delight in intimacy
  • live for sensation, drama and high emotion
  • laugh easily
  • easily engage others in your enthusiasm
  • tend to run hot, bright and vibrant (especially when stressed or sick)
  • effortlessly engage in verbal communication
  • are intuitive and highly empathetic
  • cultivate relationships easily
  • uninhibited with sharing your feelings

 You may have a Fire element imbalance if you:

  • tend toward anxiety, agitation and frenzy
  • experience nervous exhaustion or insomnia
  • laugh when you're nervous or in situations that might warrant a different appropriate emotional response
  • tend to talk too much when you're nervous or upset
  • have palpitations, sweating, hypoglycemia, rashes, sweating
  • have difficulty relating to people, and with setting appropriate boundaries
  • burn out easily, especially without the resources of others to keep you going
  • experience delusional behavior
  • either crave or are repulsed by the bitter taste

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