Taglines That Didn't Quite Make It

Finding the perfectly descriptive, yet succinct, yet catchy, yet not-too-vague-or-cheesy-but slightly clever tagline can be a bit of a challenge.

At least it is for me, as evidenced by the fact that mine changes every month or so, or can even vary from page to page.

Here's a few that didn't make it to even my ever-changing published rotation, and feel free to vote for your most and least favorite:

"Shiatsu - It's Not for Everybody"

"When It Comes to Shiatsu, I'm All Thumbs"

"Shiatsu - What's the Point?" (Get it? Get it?)

"Shiatsu Practitioners Do It On The Futon"

"Stagnant Liver Chi? I Can Help!"

"Shiatsu - It's a Bit of a Stretch"

"Shiatsu - It Will Not Make You Vomit, Even if Michael Scott on "The Office" Said So"

"Okay, My Shiastu Teacher Told Me About This One Time His Client Vomited, But That Doesn't Usually Happen"

"Shiatsu - Best Not to Eat Before a Session"

"Shiatsu - No, It's Not a Type of Small Dog"

"No, Shiatsu Does Not Mean 'Hand-Job' in Japanese" (sorry, but I have had to clarify a couple times..)

"Shiatsu - Yes, It's Supposed to Hurt a Little"

"Shiatsu - The Most Fun You Can Have with Your Clothes On" (Okay, I did use this in one promo...)

"Trust Me, You Will Eventually Feel Better..."

...and last, but not least:

"Have You Been Poked Today?"

Feel free to suggest your own!