It's the Thought That Counts

Maybe I should've had balloons like I promised (decided to forgo them for monetary and environmental reasons -  who'd have thought they could make or break an event??), but the EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week was not as huge as I had hoped.

No matter... we still rounded up a nice load of food for the Lord's Pantry in Downingtown (thank you!!!) took some photos, and I got to be on the radio!

Also, we all had food for the next few days, as we split up the wraps and veggies I ordered for all you terribly busy people who couldn't make it out for fifteen minutes and a free chair massage? What's wrong with you people???

Anyway... pictures! And.. there's always next year! (Good to plan ahead...doncha think?)


Here we see massage therapist, Bill Bryan, graciously hanging the banner, or as I like to call it, "How To Get Friends to Do Your Bidding".


Here's me taking full credit for said banner-hanging.


Here is massage therapist, Hilary Sohn, elbowing Michael Briggs of the Lionville Natural Pharmacy.

Harder, Hilary, harder!!


Here is Ben Briggs, owner of the Lionville Natural Pharmacy, (and me) with his amazing portable radio show.

Would have loved a shot of him face down in my massage chair, holding up the mike while trying to talk to me.

You'll have to settle for the audio, in which he attempts to say shi-ahhhh-tsu...


Here is the first of our canned goods offerings.

We ended up with one big box and several bags.

Dropped them off at a grateful Lord's Pantry today.

Was both heartened to see it so busy with volunteers, and saddened to see it so busy with hungry patrons (and kids...)


And here is the most patient eight-year-old on the face of the planet, who stuck it out with me for seven whole hours, and only pointed out about fourteen times that no one was showing up.

He managed to befriend and then liberate an earthworm who was doomed to dry up on the hot sidewalk.

And here I was ready to claim that the day was a total wash.