Okay, slight identity crisis here. (But one, I'm told, is astrologically appropriate for a few more weeks. Nonetheless, I'm struggling a little.)

I came across a site in the works yesterday... one whose mission is to make shiatsu understandable and accessible to the world at large. And I thought, Hot damn! Cool! and immediately emailed this person to offer my kudos, support, and link to my site, as I considered myself to be doing that very thing.

I did explain that my 'descriptions' were a little bit off the cuff... more of a function of how I feel comfortable writing, as well as more targeted to my American audience (as opposed to his European one). His reply was grateful and nice enough, and then he wrote... wait, let me go get it..

"I like the look of your site and I think the blog musings are a very helpful part. They bring the site to life and make it personal."

I'm sure this is a good thing, and I don't know what I'm railing against, except maybe my own deep-seated fear that I've not been presenting this very respectable and worthy holistic modality in enough of a serious and dignified light. I think the word "musings" set off some kind of "not totally legit" trigger in my psyche. And I tend to think that the Euro standards for shiatsu practitioners is a little more stringent than in the US. About which I am a little insecure at times.

But then I went back and read one of his previous paragraphs:

"We hope to offer a site which unites Shiatsu Practitioners from all styles and all countries, without promoting any person, organisation or style above any other. Simply to promote Shiatsu and explain it in non-flaky language."

Yes! 'Non-flaky language'!! That's exactly what I had been thinking! That so many shiatsu sites, while well-written and packed with information, really don't say a whole lot about what shiatsu actually does for you, how it rocks, why you should not only love it, but run right out and hunt down a shiatsu therapist this instant... and WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? GET GOING...!

So, the question is, without all the 'flaky language' - about flowing chi, and Liver Heat Rising, and blabbity blah (well, I do talk about that, but hopefully in a 'break it down' kinda way), am I making sense to you?

Am I getting the point across while still seeming like I'm knowing what I'm talking about? If you were within reach, would you totally come see me because I have made you see the shiatsu light as it were, and you would be perfectly comfortable under my care, because my writing has assured you of my level of professionalism and expertise in spite of its casual colloquialisms????

Should I be a little more boring and informative?

(And now, has this post negated any other previous sense of professionalism I may have otherwise displayed?)

Ok, I'm done. Thanks for listening.

(And I'll be posting more about that other site soon.. it's very cool! Yippee!)