How Do You Show Up?


It's Monday morning. Again.

Roll out of bed, down the coffee and toast, rush out the door to sit in traffic, mull over the mind-numbing tasks and irritating people that await you, and count the hours till Friday.

Is this your life? Or some variation thereof?

Maybe you don't have a job you wake up excited to get to, or even a job that requires you to be anything more than semi-conscious and mediocre.

But this is your life. Your singular, precious life.

Let's try this again.

You wake up. Gratitude for another day, another chance to make it matter.

You know it'll be challenging, even draining at times. This is not necessarily the livelihood you would have chosen for yourself, or maybe it is, but it's not always smiles and sunshine. Point is, you suspect that what you get from it is directly impacted by what you bring to it.

But you have to prepare mindfully. Every day.

I'm in a profession that requires being "on". I have to be present for my clients and their needs. If I'm going to see a number of people in a day, I have to have physical stamina. This means eating well, being rested, leaving my 'baggage' at home, centering, stretching, and having the room all ready when my people show up.

It's not always easy. I don't always feel up to being in that role, nor am I always as prepared as I should be. But I know that even if my clients aren't aware of my half-assed-ness that day, I feel like I cheated them a little.

And cheated myself, because, well, I know damn well how lucky I am to be able to be doing what I love. I don't want to squander the opportunity that I have.

But what if you're not doing what you love? Why bother preparing as if you do? Why should you show up for the Man?

Well, again, this is your life. Maybe something better lies down the road for you, but you have a much better chance of that path revealing itself to you if you are fully present to what you're living now. That goes for whether you're the CEO of a multi-national corporation (in which case, you're reading this? Cool!!) or a burger-flipper.

These hours of your life count whether you're thrilled with how you're spending them or not.

Taking time to prepare yourself can have the benefit of making your "now" more enjoyable, more effective, and more useful to you than begrudging your currently less-than-desirable circumstances.

And if you're feeling particularly altruistic, showing up intentionally goes a long way toward affecting those around you positively... even if you're not aware of it.

My livelihood (and quality of life, really) depends on 'showing up' intentionally... what would you do differently if yours did too? (...a little secret: it actually does...)

Some suggestions in my next post...