How Do You Show Up? The Sequal

In my last post, I promised to share some things you can do to start showing up intentionally in your work life.

This idea came up, as many do, during a shiatsu session. I was working on someone and thinking how important it is for me to be prepared before my client comes in, and how this could probably be true for most people. Even if they're not required to be "on".

And how preparing to be "on" might actually make an otherwise dull and unfulfilling job a little better.

Which led me down a ranting path about 'this is your life' dammit, and all that.

A good message, probably, but not where I was going originally.

So, going back to where I started (and finding that I really don't know what might work for someone else, but I'll tell you what I do) here are some things I do to show up fully for my work... even if it's just for one person at a time.

Perhaps you can tweak them to be applicable to your day...

Feel gratitude for the work. I'm fortunate to be doing something I enjoy. And even more appreciative that people pay me to do it. And thrilled that I even have a job. The days that I don't really feel like getting out there.. these are the days I have to remember this blessing.

Stretch. My brain does mornings pretty well. My body - a different story. But if I do some stretching and moving first thing, before the coffee, it makes all the difference. (I know, duh! Right?) Some more stretches again, once I get into my office before my client shows up - especially these - and my knees aren't as likely to yell at me later.

Eat well. A woozy shiatsu practitioner is more likely to fall over on her clients if she neglects to eat properly before a session (note to self!) But the trick is to not eat too much, as my nervous system and sensitivity are not as keen and responsive if the body is busy digesting.

Dress the part. I advise my clients to dress in loose comfortable clothing, as we do move the body around a bit. Obviously, I have to as well. But I also have to look like a professional worthy of respect and the certificates on my wall. Sweats feel great but do not say "Please pay me $70 for an hour of work." This is useful even if I'm only sitting invisibly behind a computer. It affects how I feel about myself and my own authority. (Can you guess what I'm wearing now...? Keep it clean, people... sheesh.)

Leave the baggage home. I have a home life, like most people, with stuff that happens... all too  predictably right before I walk out the door. Bitching to my poor client about my irresponsible teens or the cat puking on the carpet, for some reason, is bad for business, so I have to find a way to put that stuff aside for a little while. I have a long enough drive from home that I can usually yell in the car, or find simpatico with Alanis Morissette, allowing me to be a nicer me once I get to my office. (This also helps for those of you trying not to bring baggage back home to your innocent and unsuspecting family and pets...)

Chant a little. Another thing I've started doing on the way in.. (thank you again Fabeku!!) This post speaks for itself and I gotta tell you, I love doing this!

Set the stage. Having an office with a vibe that allows clients to relax is key. It's about creating the sacred circle that defines "this place" from the rest of the world...allowing for focused energy and magic to happen. But this can be created anywhere. I wrote about it here and here. You can create your circle of power in your car, around your desk or wherever you work. Even around your self, as you go about your day. I wrote about how Shiva Nata helps me with that.

Know who you're dealing with. This is what intake forms are for... to get info about who'll I'll be working on (as well as to cover my butt). With repeat visitors, I make sure to check back on the notes I wrote because not all bodies are created equally and it makes for a better experience all round if I'm mindful of this unique individual... their preferences, needs, hot buttons, sensitivities, and what allows them to open up more easily.

Ask for guidance. I'm not always clear on who I'm asking, but even when I just speak to the ether, and ask for a little help in having the best path open to me to working with someone, I always seem to do just the right thing.

Intend Loving-Kindness. Some people are more challenging to work with. But we all have our stuff, right? Instead of fretting and anticipating dealing with difficult people, pre-pave the way with a little Maitri meditation. Not always easy to do, but it gives me better control of my mood and energy instead of giving it away to that jerk cutting me off on the highway (who I can then imagine to have a damn good reason, like rushing his laboring wife to the hospital..)

Have a clear starting point but be open to other possibilities. Like I said, the intake form is useful, what people say is bothering them is obviously worth paying attention to, but trusting what my hands and experience tell me can lead me to do things that the client didn't even realize they needed.

Work from the hara. Hara=center of gravity=center of power. When I come from my center, literally and metaphorically, I work smarter, stronger, more efficiently and effectively, and more intuitively. I stay grounded, relaxed and true to myself and am less likely to be knocked over and sucked in by what's going on around me.

Did I forget anything? Need help translating this to what you do?