I Hate My Life

.. and is there a meridian for that?

This is a question I was asked by a client recently, one who is dealing with the fullness of life's offerings, and isn't handling it well.

As a practitioner, what does one say to such a statement?

I was in a similar situation to hers about two years ago, and while I tried to share the perspective of life on the other side of it all, we both know her circumstances do have differences, not to mention she's a different person with different resources to draw from (or not).

I did what I could in the way of continuing my shiatsu work on her, listening as I always do, and finding ways to make her laugh, which seems to end her hour with me a little more upbeat than when it started.

It's a dilemma many therapists face... walking the line(s) between what we are and are not trained to do, and whether to share our opinions as a friend might, or stay in our therapist box. Even, and especially, when we've made a friendly connection with our client, and we think we see the obvious thing to say.

I've had times where I've hated my life. Maybe many of us have. I feel somewhat grateful to have gotten to the point that I know my life is what I'm making of it. But this is not so easy to say to someone else, especially when they're in the thick of it. It was not an easy insight to bear, and while it offers ultimate freedom, you can't wish that stuff on someone who isn't ready.

In the meantime, I'll keep working on her "life-hating" meridian...