Breathe In. Breathe out.

I breathe in the breath of my neighbor. My friends and loved ones. My enemies. My ancestors. My children's children.

We share in the life of each other, of the trees, the animals, of those that were and those yet to be.

We share in each other. We have no choice.

Our breath, like ideas, like thoughts, like the oneness that gives rise to creativity... we share in it all. What we think, what we dream, what we create was breathed in from the atmosphere that every living thing has contributed to by their exhalation.

We take in what the world has released, it becomes nourishing chi for ourselves and we release it again to be transformed as it will.

Recycling and repurposing the breath of life. Feeding on what was always here. And giving back to the all.

Receiving. Creating. Releasing.

Respiring. Inspiring.

Re-spirit. In-spirit.

Thank you.


Waiting to Exhale