Why Does the Intake Form Ask Me About Stress?

On my new client intake form, I have a question that asks:

"How do you usually react to stress?"

The choices (choose all that apply) are: worry, fatigue, anxiety, frustration, excitement, depression, over/undereating, anger, other.

Most people check more than one; some are completely stumped.

The reason for the question is that it gives me some indication of where a meridian imbalance tendency may be.

To briefly explain, according the five element theory, which sees all things in the universe as a manifestation along the yin/yang continuum, and more specifically along a continuous cycle of five phases, or five elements, we each have a constitutional tendency toward one or two of those elements. In other words, when are imbalanced... physically, emotionally, spiritually ... those imbalances will usually show up according to the associations of that element.

For example, if one is predominant in Wood or Tree energy, their illnesses or weaknesses will most often show up in the liver or gall bladder, or the ligaments and tendons. And when under stress, they will usually react with irritation, frustration, or anger.

A person with Earth imbalance tends to worry too much when stressed, or overeat (or undereat), as well as experience stomach distress.

This is all information that helps me (and other similar practitioners) understand better how to support you overall, as well as with whatever issue is bringing you into the office.

Interested in learning more about your particular elemental disposition?


Here's an assessment, and here's the book this assessment came from, which can tell you a whole lot more about the five phase theory and how to make it relevant to your life.