Long Overdue

"Bless me, father, for I have sinned. It's been three and a half years since my last shiatsu treatment...."

I know what you're saying .... what's wrong with me? And then I expect my clients to be more regular visitors? I mean, I know how great this stuff is... what's my excuse?


Point is, I finally went yesterday to see my friend and lifesaver, Diane .. she of the contagious laugh and the listening hands. She who can make me cry before she even touches me, because she has a way of nailing me on whatever mind games I'm laying on myself.

In a compassionate way, of course.

A lovely little lesson I learned, for example, was the profound connection between "But I HAVE to..." and chronic physical contraction.

As in, "But I HAVE to.... (make this much income; drink less; exercise more; eat better; become a superior mom, shiatsu person, human being) ... and if I don't... well, you know....

The "Have To's" had taken up residence in my left shoulder and neck, and my lower back. The "I'll Never Be Good Enough's" were lodged in my chest and digestive system. "This World Is Too Much" was sitting on my lungs and crouched just behind my eyes, ready to let loose with the tears at any moment.

Diane reminded me how the "Have To's" were driving me the last time I had visited her, and how well that was (not!) working out for me.

Oh, and hey, guess what?

When the body contracts around the mind's imperatives to push push push, the horizons of possibilities narrows, the mind gets more frantic, the body contracts further, and so on and so on and shooby-dooby-dooby.

And while it would seem that meeting pressure with pressure would be the obvious way to address this (oh pleasepleaseplease just dig your elbow in under my shoulderblade...!) I was again blown away at how a simple holding of points in strategic locations freed up my back, my neck, my breathing, my mind.

Her fingertips just outside my ankles relaxed my lower lumbar and sacrum. Her fingers in my ears (!) caused my shoulders to drop. "Ah!" she exclaimed. "You have a neck again."

Indeed. (Deep breath....)

Oh, shiatsu. I will never again foresake you.

Forgive me?