God, Do I Love My Job

In case your notice of this escaped you somehow (in spite of the continuous twittering, blogging, facebooking and whatever else) I gave my Shiatsu for Lovers and Others class this weekend.

Two days, two locations, and much to my surprise, two full houses in each. (yay!)

In spite of the romantic overtones, being Valentine's Day and all, I did open it up to any combination of partners, because after all, this was shiatsu, not erotic massage or anything. But as it was, the enrollment consisted of eight married couples.

Couples (or at least half of the couple) who thought this was THE perfect thing to do for this holiday... learning how to give a shiatsu treatment to their partner (and then get one in return). And partners who were there more as a gift to their, um, wives (there I've said it) but still made a valiant effort, and for them I am doubly appreciative.

I did my best to make it special.


I printed up hand-outs and supplementary materials presented in these cool rose-embossed folders of pink and purple; I offered cheese and crackers, grapes, dates and chocolates (as promised!) and fancy-schmancy carbonated blood orange juice served in plastic martini glasses.

I made up a gift bag for one couple to to be able to reproduce the experience later... consisting of "The Book of Shiatsu", a special aromatherapy candle, some other stuff and a free shiatsu session.

And then the class.

Given the theme and the time constraints, I really had to distill into a few short paragraphs what I felt was relevant for the class to know, as the demo portion would take up most of the time.

I honed in more on the healing aspects of loving and therapeutic touch, rather than the particulars of shiatsu, but I found even that could have filled an entire weekend. Which is is very exciting to me, as the wheels are now turning in regards to an entire weekend workshop next year.

And I certainly wil be exploring this more in blog posts to come, if not a whole online course.

But anyway, it was a joy to me to see these people, most who had hardly even heard of shiatsu, kneeling by their partners, coming from their haras to give wonderful shiatsu pressure... sneaking in kisses and cuddles, while I tried not to grin too noticeably.

I learned a lot as well... remarkably how much touch is a form of communication (duh.. I know, right? But to see it in action..), and how much more there is to say about this vast topic.

Which I will. I am very excited. And again, very grateful for what I do and for the people who allow me to do it.

Oh look, pictures of happy people!! (I'm the shorty in the middle...)


Top: February 13th, Lionville Holistic Health Center, Bottom: February 14th, Creative Healing Arts