Pre-Natal Massage

Our first experience with loving touch happened even before we were born.


My shiatsu teacher had taught us that the pressure we give to the receiver's body reminds our subconscious of our time spent in the womb.

Every inch of our bodies was massaged by water pressure, which stimulated circulation, activated the internal organs, and provided perpetual cushioning and protection.

The cutaneous experience became inextricably linked in our minds to the instantaneous meeting of our needs for oxygen and nourishment... before our awareness of having needs and without having to ask.

The want for nothing. Simply because we existed.

Granted, some of our in utero experiences (or beyond) were less than positive.

Even without remembering, the emotional and physical states of the mother we lived within transmitted to the tiny growing body, and initiated the wiring for how good we feel in our skin, our level of comfort with touch and how strongly we're connected to our feelings of rightness about ourselves

The benefits of therapeutic touch - shiatsu, or other forms of massage - are multiple in that they give a safe space in which to heal our connection with our bodies and our ability to receive healthy human contact.

The boundaries of the therapeutic relationship invite the receiver to just receive comfort and healing with no expectations to give back, no agenda on the part of the therapist ... to just soak it in and be.

And ... perhaps experience something akin to unconditional love.


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