Can You Feel the Chi? (Cool, 'Cause I Can't..)

I got a lot of wonderful responses to my last blog post (most of which, regrettably, appeared in my inbox or on my Facebook page.)

But the most challenging and thought-provoking comment came through the blog itself, from a friend I made online about a year or so ago... one who was only then just thinking about a career as a massage therapist, and is now facing a challenge that I remember facing (and actually, still do on occasion).

I had to request a little clarity on one of her statements, but while I am still waiting for her response, I will offer a brief anecdote of my own.

I'm pretty sure I've said it here before, that I've never considered myself a highly intuitive type.

When I started shiatsu school, I had the impression that it was just about pressing various specific places on people which the intention of having some kind of effect, and it was all just a matter of learning where. The idea that shiatsu was working with 'chi' and therefore, some type of unquantifiable force, didn't occur to me to possibly being a challenge.

Several weeks into the first level, when people in my class were raving about 'feeing energy', and 'pulses' and 'seeing colors' and all manner of esoteric whatever, I was thinking these folks are either completely full of shit, or I'm totally dense. I worried that I was never going to get this, I was never going to have that sensitivity, and maybe I was really in the wrong field. (I should note, that like Jessica, my commentor, I started with Reiki, but shall address that in a later post.)

I limped along, learning the meridians and the points, making like I was perfectly aware of what chi felt like, that I could totally feel the 'echo' between my 'mother and child hands', and I would spend countless hours going cross-eyed as I fruitlessly tried to visualize the aura of my teachers up against the chalkboard.

I maintained this story to myself, about my energetic obliviousness, throughout the second level of shiatsu school, until I finally realized I had to at least start telling myself a different story. One that included the possibility that I'm not incapable of getting this stuff, I just haven't yet.

And that it probably wasn't going to appear like a billboard with big blinking lights and arrows and a singing telegram, announcing, 'Yes, girl! You got it!'

That was a good first step.