Bearing Witness

Still at a loss for what to write about that would be of direct use to my readers, but I woke up this morning thinking about the last handful of people that have shown up to work with me.

Women, mostly, within a decade of my own age... carrying mysterious aches and pains - from odd nagging stuff, to fibroids, to infertility - most are navigating turbulent life changes, both from within and without. A few wondering if what's happening with them is simply a function of 'getting older' and maybe they should just accept it, but, honestly, really aren't yet ready to.

I see a little of myself in all of these people... being 43, on the other end of the intense parenting phase, about to embark on a much more challenging segment of life in a very uncertain world.

Feelings of loss, fear, anticipation, excitement, fatigue.. these are part of the daily menu of emotions, and yes, they show up physically.

I like to think I can relate, at least a little, to what my people are going through. I tend to their bodies, but I think I'm also bearing witness to their experiences... providing some sort of anchor and sense of stability as their worlds are shifting so dramatically.

Helping them find themselves again amidst all the chaos, by reflecting back the beauty and strength that I can see and feel in them...

Is that enough?