Thumbs Up for Shiatsu


There is a quiet revolution happening amongst some of us shiatsu practitioners.

A movement fueled by our passion for this amazing work, and a desire to elevate its status beyond just an esoteric technique, to recognition as an effective holistic modality, even unto a way of approaching life, if I may be so bold.

A powerful means of healing bodies and changing lives.

Readers of mine might have noticed this is how I approach shiatsu, and you can't imagine how thrilled I am to find other fanatics like myself  - (Hi Rob and Helen and Tracy and Tony and Andrew and forgive me if I left someone out...!)  - therapists who've been disgusted by 'shiatsu machinery', as if mechanical chairs could possibly come even close to offering the same healing and nurturing experience a trained and compassionate therapist can.

And, as Tony Brown nailed in his post, regarding those practitioners who've included 'shiatsu' among their litany of modalities offered, are they really getting it? Or just collecting a 'modality dujour' to give the people what they want and make themselves appear more, um, versatile?

This seems to be one of the few topics which incites me to rant.

Suffice it to say that for those us us among the faithful ... the ones who believe shiatsu is far more than just a technique, and who are disappointed by the lack of understanding within the mainstream about its benefits (not to mention confusing it with a small dog), as well as discontent with the very associations that are supposed to be promoting our worthiness ... we are taking matters into our own hands. No pun intended. Or maybe there is. Whatever.

Tony is hosting a blog carnival on his site, and has invited us shiatsu blogger types to weigh in on the deceptively simple question, "What is Shiatsu?"

I have a topic. I have a deadline. (May 31st.) And now I have to stretch my brain far beyond the elevator pitch and get to the heart, soul, meat and bones of this question.

I am fired up, to say the least.

Check back soon.